Fluff lines in essays

Fluff Lines are Important

Nothing is more annoying (well, lots of things are, but…) than reading an essay where the first sentence is the thesis. A reader needs to be introduced to the big idea before being thrust into the eye-ball with a sharp stick like a thesis.  So, what is it?

It’s the “big idea” spinning off from the thesis. It’s a universal truth, or interesting aspect of the thesis that allows readers to become interested in your essay. It feeds into the thesis.

Examples are set out below.

Thesis 1:

Cafes at schools should not be allowed to sell junk food.

Possible fluff lines:

Obesity is a rising problem in modern society. OR

Health is an integral part of daily life, which should be valued. OR

Health issues in the modern world are becoming more prominent, so much so that it has become a major issue issue that needs to be addressed.

Thesis 2:

Homework should be banned.

Students deserve some time to be free from the responsibility of academic pursuits because personal growth during playtime is a critical component of healthy social development.

Excessive stress can cause physical and emotional harm to students and spending all their free time on academic pursuits can be a trigger.

Thesis 3:

Schools should play music instead of bells all the time.

Music is a fun, effective way to assist with academic and physical endeavours.

Music is an easy way to lighten up otherwise dreary days.


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