Metaphorical poems

Write your own metaphor poem using the process done in class – looks like, sounds like, feels like, smells like, tastes like. Make sure you provide the “when” and “where” for each line.


sunshine on a white sandy beach at late afternoon

laughter in a pre-school during play-time

a warm hug on a cold winter morning in front of the fireplace

freshly baked biscuits at Grandma’s cottage on school holidays

turkish delight with friends at the movies on a hot summer night


Abstract ideas being explored include rage, hope, vengeance, love, laziness, empathy, friendship, kindness etc.


24 responses

  1. Rage

    Drum pounding in the back of your head

    Thick saliva stuck in the back of your throat

    Red haze at sunset

    Incoming storm in the dawn

    Roar of a lion when it’s sizing up its opponent

  2. Anger…
    A raging fire, tearing through a town in the dead of night
    A bull being branded in a cell in the cold of winter
    Boiling water flowing over your skin at midday
    Soot and ash from the blacked earth on a Monday
    Rotten meat from the garbage, having been smelted in summer heat
    Death of all things.

  3. Revenge

    Someone making a deal with the devil in hell Christmas Day
    A womans’ screech in a dark ally-way at midnight
    A stab in the back at your party on the night of your birthday
    Smoke from a burning house on a hot day in the middle of summer
    Sour milk in your hot chocolate on a cold winter morning

  4. Kindness..
    When you give your friend a high-five in class after working together
    Getting roses from somebody when you’ve been in bed sick all day
    Somebody making you a home cooked dinner
    The song of mothers singing their children to sleep at dusk
    Smiling at somebody walking to work on a Monday morning

  5. Love
    A couple walking hand in hand on the beach at sun set.
    The waves crashing gently on the sea shore.
    Lying in the sun on the grass on a bright sunny day.
    Sprinkling rain on the hot bitumen ground.
    A warm chocolate brownie with ice-cream and raspberries on a cold winter’s night.

  6. AFL (related heavily to excitement)

    The New Year fireworks in September from your own back yard
    A chours of lions, deep within the grasslands of Africa
    The excitement of opening a present on Christmas Day
    The aroma of a platter of pork and mashed postatoes, peas and gravy in the comfort of your living room on Grand Final day
    A beautiful meat pie in the midst of winter

  7. Kindness
    A smile in class when you thought the day couldn’t get any worse
    A “thankyou” on the streets after an exhausting day
    A rose from a stranger at the chapel on valentines day
    A hug at school when you were least expecting it
    A mouth watering mango in Hawaii at nine-twenty four in the morning

  8. Warmth

    Frost in the park melting after a freezing winter
    Your heater rumbling in the middle of the night
    The sun on your back after a gloomy storm
    An already prepared hot chocolate on a cold morning
    A hot brownie after a tough dat at school
    Warmth is the world

  9. Discipline

    Soldiers standing on parade in the early morning.

    The coach’s whistle being blown on the running track during training.

    Sweaty bodybuilders in the gym on a summer’s afternoon.

    Being shackled as a slave in the American Civil War.

    Celery sticks and radishes at a friend’s birthday party when there is a chocolate cake available.

    Freedom is gone

  10. Joy
    a rainbow crawling above the mountain on a gusty spring day
    Turkish delight on a bed of roses early on a foggy afternoon
    a sunflower in the middle of a farm on a sunny morning weekend
    the wind whistling through the pine trees, blowing leaves everywhere in the park on a fresh spring day
    the touch of his/hers heart resting on your hand on a stormy evening on the sofa

  11. Love:
    A red rose blooming on a bleak and blue winters day
    A babies first laugh in her mothers arms
    A Hug from a missed loved one
    A new bottle of sweet smelling perfume on Valentines Day
    A chocolate milkshake at dusk along the beach

  12. Sadness:
    Salty sea water at the beach
    the saw dust from wood
    a symphony of whales in the sea
    rain falling upon you
    a shadow as it follows you everywhere

  13. Athletic…

    Cheering fans on a rainy day
    Joyous chants after a training session
    Pain during a long race
    Sweat in the locker rooms
    Celebratory wine after a victory

  14. HOPE

    The sun breaching from beind the clouds on a rainy day
    A choir in perfect harmony in a great concert hall
    A brick wall in the midst of rubble
    Freshly backed bread with a secret on a slow day
    A cup of hot chocolate at the end of a long day

    Hope is the glue of our society

  15. Restlessness…
    A huge creature trapped in a small cage
    An itch on your head while at the hairdresser
    Being cooped up inside all day

  16. Laziness …

    Bathing in the sunshine
    Sleeping under the shade
    Relaxing in a Hammock
    Watching life slow down
    Taking the elevator not the stairs
    Not leaving your chair to control the TV
    To feel entirely distressed

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