The euphemism for the above replaces the pharse, “I am going to sack you.”

Find four examples of euphemisms and pose them here.


13 responses

  1. Go away! = I need some time alone.
    You are fired! = I am going to have to let you go.
    I hate you! = we aren’t the best of friends.
    Drop.. = place.

  2. please leave me alone= get out of here!
    whens the last time you showered?= You smell really bad
    I’m angry at you for the moment= I hate you!
    between jobs= got fired

  3. Under the weather (sick, ill)
    Correctional facility (prison)
    Circling the drain (hospital term for a dying patient)
    Terminological inexactitude (lie)
    Cheese and rice (politically correct alternative to Jesus Christ) (taken from a somewhat untrustworthy website)

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