Tom’s World 1000 Years From Now

Step 1: Let your imagination run wild with a description of the world 1000 years from now. Be detailed in your description – what does it look like, sound like, feel like? Write approximately 80-100 words.

Step 2: Explain how Tom would react? Think about Tom at the start of the novel and Tom at the end of the novel.  He changes a lot. Insert the Tom we know at the start of the novel. Write about 60-100 words.


7 responses

  1. I’m standing here looking into the deep space of what was once the earth. My great grandfather Tom Natsworthy is sitting next to me telling me a story of what the earth was like. Its strange comparing this place of old to the dusty wasteland that is Mars. He told me how the earth was a green lushous place were municipal darwinism was the main factor of society. He says that there were great areas of water very unlike the barren wasteland that we inhabit.

    One thousand years from now a bleak ex-army town lay in silence, half embedded in the dry desert sand. The blazing sun reflecting off the old, rusty metal hovercraft shone brightly into Toms teary eyes. The memory of his parents flashing through his mind making him feel emptiness creep into his thoughts. The bare town was once their home, now abandoned. No use to anyone. Was this place as important to Tom as it used to be?

  3. Our world is barron and has no form of life except fire breathing dragons that rule the land. When Tom is put into this mysterious and strange looking new world, he if faced with overcoming the challanges of a new life. He is doesnt cope well in this situation. He misses his secure life back in his hometown of London. He finds it hard to live in a world where he has to fight for his existance.

  4. The world around Tom is hot and sunny. Not a cloud in the sky of this dry barren land. The scorching sun streaks across his face, the force of the heat is relentless. Hundreds of lizards and snakes are gathered around the oasis. The sound and the feel of the steam rising off the earth creates an illusion of a never ending desert. Hyena’s battle over the bodies of the people that once made up this town. All that is left are the ruins of the old cathedral. The twenty people that remain huddle in a dark corner seeking protection from the heat. The unstable ruins of the cathedral could collapse at any moment. Tom stands in despair of what has happen to this world. There is no hope, he can feel the end is near.

  5. Lockie, Jack and Daniel
    Tom was walking through a bared wasteland as robots that are common in these days have just destroyed his city. As he walked sweat dripped down from him that landed on the dry land and disappeared straight away. As he started to get blurred vision as he stumbled along this wasteland. When he found a small town not moving he figured he could ask and try to catch a ride with them. As he climbed this massive structure he realized it was a pirate ship but thought he could still try convincing him to get a ride with them. As Tom was very trustworthy and thought they would not make him a slave. As he got on pirates met him with guns he had never seen as it was old tech. Two years later Tom managed to escape but as he was there best slave they hunted him and found him, Tom stayed as a slave for the rest of his life.

  6. Big sky scrapers stretch across the landscape, with pools on all the rooftops. Animals are all man made (Half Breeds).The view is scenic with bay side views. Board walks along the rivers. There is no structural hierarchy in the whole city. The Citizens are calm and laid back. Financially the city is sitting comfortably. There are no jobs in this city because daily needs are delivered every day. Tom was sitting there, alone with not a single friend around him. Thinking how he could of go stuck in this time portal and what happened to the good old days, with everything being so new, He found it to be a bit of a culture shock. As he walks along the shiny aluminium streets and tin trees and bronze flowers along with wind up birds, he’s depressed of how everything has changed and why it is not the same.

  7. Cold. Freezing cold. That was the word that Tom would use to describe the world. The ground what white, a snow covered desolate wasteland, streatching miles in every direction. The sky was dark; it was rare that any sunlight made its way through the layers of grey clouds that threw blizards and snow upon the already snow covered hunting grounds. Tom felt the wind whip up the snow from the coated ground and come in his direction. ‘It’s so unfair’, Tom thought sullenly, remembering his precious London, the warmth and the feeling of falling asleep with a full stomach. He had heard that this was the home of the ice giants that once ruled this barren wasteland. ‘My life is so unfair’, was Toms’ last thoughts before he continued trudging down south in search of warmth.

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