The Fantale

Upload your analysis of the Fantale. Be precise.  Be concise.  Be specific.  No general statements are allowed.

Read everyone’s and make a comment about its clarity and depth.

NOTE: A Martian who has never had the lolly before should almost be able to taste it and visualise it without either seeing it or eating it.  That is the test.


50 responses

  1. A fantal is a 1cm cube with a thin layer of darkish brown chocolate with melts in your mouth as you eat it. The edges are slightly rounded and the bottom of the fantal has a thinner layer of chocolate. The rest in the middle is filled with a light brown caramel which streches and thins out as you chew it through out your mouth. The little cube of choclate makes your day as you tatse its sweetness on your tougne.

  2. This is a dark brown cube of deliciousness. There is a chocolate layer over the caramel inside. The chocolate coat is smooth, not a dent in it. The bottom is the only not perfect part of the cant where as it is thin and uneven, but just as delicious. The smell is purely on chocolate, strong and rich. The taste makes you feel uplifted and delighted. Once you suck off the chocolate you are left with the chewy caramel. The caramel is hard and sticky so I just suck on it. I see this is a good idea because the sweet and delicious taste lasts longer. Then it vanishes, and all I want is another Fantale.

  3. A Sherbie is a small, brightly coloured lolly that takes the shape of a rectangular prism. This lolly is hard, smooth and is brightly coloured by a pale but energetic orange. This colour has been chosen because the colour orange is believed to arouse excitement and hunger. Surrounded by a thick layer of this smooth orange delight is a small hit of white sherbet. When chewing or sucking a Sherbie the sherbet suddenly explodes in your mouth leaving a zingy taste. After the sherbet hit the lolly starts to melt and form an elastic layer across your tongue. Eventually this elastic layer of orange sweetness becomes so small that it is swallowed.

  4. A faitail is a small 1cm by 1cm cube of chewy delicious caramel coated will smooth succulent milk chocolate. The touch of this small cube is hard and smooth. The chocolate around the caramel has not holes or dips in it. The caramel is sticky and hard to chew on but gives you at least 10 minutes of entertainment for sucking. The bottom of the fantail has a pattern on it, most properly from the machinery it was on, There is a little bit more chocolate at the bottom of the cube.

  5. Analysis of a Sherbie
    A Sherbie is a type of lolly, or as Leah Uselmann would say ‘Candy’, that is made by Pascal (A lolly company). A Sherbie is a orange rectangular prism of fairly hard, sugary sweetness that, when chewed becomes chewy and releases its full potential. It has four smooth slightly wavy sides with the odd air bubble her and there. On one side the lolly spirals in on its self to reveal sherbet. This makes the customer want to dig deeper and fully explore the sweet. On the opposite side the creators have tried to replicate the spirally side but sadly have failed with a five by ten millimetre hole being present. As we explore more of the inside we realise that there is a wonderful cavern full of sherbet waiting to be explored. The taste is marvellous combining the zinginess and the orangey taste of an orange with the sweet sugary sensation of every creation that Pascal has ever created. All in all a Sherbie is one of Pascal’s greatest inventions yet.

    • So, I’m an everyday pedestrian walking with my coffee and you walk up to me and ask me if you can describe a ‘Sherbie’ for you. First, I have no idea who ‘Leah Uselmann’ is and I’m not positive it will assist you in describing a sherbie, although it is true that she does say ‘candy’. You used commendable adjectives, although I think you need to be more precise in what shape and scale the Sherbie takes. Moreover, be careful in describing which side demonstrates which characteristics – the ‘spiral’ part was a little confusing. Good work though 🙂

  6. The Fantale is a solid brown cube. It is 10mm by 10mm and it has a hard sweet outer shell. There is a hard chewy inner area, this is a lighter brown colour. The inner shell is very sweet and chewy where as the outer shell is hard and sugary. When you bite into it it gets stuck to your teeth because it is hard until it warms in your mouth. The bottom layer of chocolate is thinner then the rest of the sides.

  7. The dark chocolate coat forms an almost perfect cube around a slightly lighter brown, gooey, caramel inside. The firm coat is difficult to bite through as it has been hardened over time. Once through the tough however smooth layer, the taste lingers in your mouth more than expected as the consumer tries to separate the sticky caramel from the inside of their mouth.

  8. A sherbie is a brightly coloured delicious sensation. But the outside is a hit of zingy sensation that explodes in your mouth. Then you get another hit of flavor that is the white sherbet in the middle of the sherbie. This lollie is a smooth beautiful textured little piece of heaven. It smells like licorice and tea leaves.

  9. Sherbie
    Sherbie, a small, orange, block shaped lolly.The Smooth-to-touch, outer shell of the lolly encases the white sherbert. The outer shell of this perculiar orange lolly is sweet and chewy, contrasting the light, powerdy, airiness of the inner sherbert. It smells exactly how it looks, like an artificial, orange lolly with lots and lots of suger with little flecks of white sherbert escaping out the sides. It has a sickly sweet taste which compliments the not-so-sweet sherbert. It is an absolute treat.

  10. A sherbie is a lolly, that is bright and exciting in flavor, colour and smell. It takes place of a rustic rectangular prism. It’s a hard lolly with sherbet filling so when eaten, will explode with flavor and excitement. The lolly is an exciting bright orange, which enhances excitement and hunger. After the explosion of sherbet, you are left with a chewy, elastic,orange flavored lolly. After completely eaten, you are left with a delectable, orange after taste.

  11. The smooth yet hardened outer layer of the Fantale leaves your mouth with a chewy solid, until the teeth seep through to reach the silky caramel tasting centre. The opening of the sweet smelling packet brings your mouth to loiter, as the hard outer shell is crunched by the teeth. The smell only wants to make you consume the sugary treat more, as the solid cube in the wrapper waits for you to munch through to the flowing creamy, yet sticky looking caramel inside.

  12. A Fan tale is a small 3cm by 3cm by 3cm block of viscous caramel enclosed in smooth dairy milk chocolate. From the outside, the Fan tale looks uniform and neat from the shape it is produced in, but the brown of the chocolate creates an image of comfort and earthiness. The smell is rich and gentle and the feel of the outside is hard and frictionless. However, the taste is far more magnificent. The chocolate instantly melts in your mouth from a crusty texture to a creamy, delicious flow of light, fluffy cocoa. The caramel then hits you, but melts a lot slower compared to the chocolate, lengthening the pleasure. The caramel is bitter but sweet. Then the excitement ends as fast as it had begun, leaving you wanting more.

  13. A Fantale is a 1cm by 1cm chocolate covered cube with a smooth caramel centre. The outer layer of the Fantale is hard and the chocolate breaks as you bite it. The inside of the Fantale is a sweet, sticky caramel. When you bite into it, it gets stuck to your teeth. It’s smell is very sweet and makes you want to eat it even more.

  14. The fantale is a small cube of chocolate. It is hard on the outside and hard and chewy on the inside and has a lighter brown colour. In the middle of the fantale it is very chewy, sweetened and has caramel. But on the outside it’s hard. When you take a bite into the chocolate it is difficult to bite through but if you keep chewing it softens and you can start to taste the flavour better and it goes everywhere in your mum and gets stuck in your teeth. This chocolate leaves you wanting to have more.

  15. The fantale is a chewy caramel covered in a thin layer of milk chocolate. When you open the wrapper, the crinkling sensation makes your mouth water with anticipation. A scent of cocoa travels into your nose making your taste buds crave the small cube of sugariness more. The thin layer of chocolate chocolate has a smooth textural tone covering the sugary sweetness of chewy caramel. As the fantale enters your mouth, the thin layer of chocolate melts then exploding with the stringiness of caramel. Your mouth fights a battle trying to munch away the attached sugar on your teeth but as it comes to the last cit of caramel, the sensation is heavenly.

    • There were some grammar mistakes on the first one… use this instead

      The fantale is a chewy caramel covered in a thin layer of milk chocolate. When you open the wrapper, the crinkling sensation makes your mouth water with anticipation. A scent of cocoa travels into your nose making your taste buds crave the small cube of sugariness more. The thin layer of chocolate has a smooth textural tone covering the sugary sweetness of chewy caramel. As the fantale enters your mouth, the thin layer of chocolate melts then explodes with the stringiness of caramel. Your mouth fights a battle trying to munch away the attached sugar on your teeth but as it comes to the last cit of caramel, the sensation is heavenly.

  16. It’s the sound of someone stepping on pebbles as you twist and unravel the wrapping off this small, smooth lolly. The aroma of cacao floats out of the wrapping, revealing a small brown cube with rounded edges. As you put the Fantale into your mouth, your taste buds leap with excitement at the luscious soft coating melting away in your mouth. When you finally decide you cannot take the temptation any more, you bite softly hoping to savour the taste of the chewy sweet nectar as it oozes down the back of your throat. When you realize that you have finished the Fantale, the only thing that is left are the bits that are stuck on your teeth.

  17. Sherbie:
    The Sherbie is a irregualar shape and doesn’t have any smooth sides. The Sherbie is fully orange which gives it a fun and tasty effect to it. As you pop the orange candy into your mouth a burst of sherbet breaks through, the sherbet is tangy and sweet as it dissolves onto your tongue. As you roll the piece of candy around in your mouth, it begans to soften and easy to chew. Then when you swallow the delicious treat it leavs you saying “Where can I get more”

  18. Sherbie
    A sherbie is a rectangular prism shape with no flat sides or straight corners and in all of the sides, there are small gashes and holes from contact with other objects. The outer shell of the lolly is coloured orange which arouses feelings of excitement and hunger. The surface of the lolly is hard but smooth and the sugary sherbet inside the lolly is a white, rough and grainy substance. The sweet sensation of the outer casing is immediately overrrun in your mouth as soon as the sherbert is released with its sweet, tangy flavour hit. The lolly smells of sugar and orange but the sherbert doesnt really smell as it just goes up your nose if you try to smell it.

  19. The Fantale is a small brown and caramel coloured cube with smooth edges and surfaces. It is a chewy solid and tastes a rich, dark flavour. The smell of a Fantale is quite sweet and looks like that too. When opening the crinkled paper to get to the Fantale itself, you hear a light tearing sound of the paper. Whilst chewing this soft, yet hard surfaced lolly, you can only hear the squelching of the chewy chocolate against the teeth. When touching the Fantale, all you feel is a smooth, sticky, solid surface and often feels a certain moisture to it.

  20. The look of the ‘Sherbies’ is very solid looking and dull orange. The surface of the ‘Sherbies’ had small holes all over it, and had a big chunk missing from it. White sugar powder bits were hanging on to the orange surface of the ‘Sherbies.’ The surface of the ‘Sherbies’ is very sticky, and smells like tea leaves. When placed in mouth and chewed, it becomes very chewy and tangy. After a while it starts sticking to your teeth, and starts tasting like tea leaves. After you start tasting tea leaves you will start tasting sugar, and then you have the combined taste of a sweet that tastes like your morning tea.

  21. A fantale is a six-faced cube with 12 slightly-rounded edges. The lolly has a hard and chewy caramel centre that takes quite a long time to chew. The caramel is lightly and evenly covered in a layer of delicious milk chocolate that melts in your mouth. The bottom of the fantale has a slightly lighter layer of chocolate and is more uneven. When you smell the lolly, you can only sense milk chocolate. When you take your first bite, the chocolate overpowers the caramel flavour until it is all gone. once the chocolate has been eaten away, you are left twits the chewy caramel that is very hard to chew and sticks to your teeth so you can savour it. Once you have had your first fan tale, you are hooked and are left wanting more.

  22. The rich milk chocolate surrounding the lolly melts as the Fantale is placed in your mouth. Leaving only the chewy caramel centre to stick in your mouth. The sweet smell and the crinkling of the wrapper as you remove the hard, rounded cube is enough to make you imagine how good it tastes. The wonderful taste of the sweet chocolate and the burnt caramel leave you hoping it will never end.

  23. Sherbie
    A sherbie is a wonderful treat filled with delicious sherbet and a magnificent orange flavor. A sherbie is a hard but smooth lolly that becomes chewy and sticky when you put it in your mouth. There is a hard and chewy outer case followed by a tongue tingling fizzy centre. This sweet lolly is a rectangular prism with a bright orange colour. The colour orange represents the fizzy, exciting aspect of this treat. As soon as you hit the center the sherbet explodes in your mouth leaving you with a magnificent fizzy taste. The sherbet in the centre is white and powdery it is the fizzy part of the lolly. Just looking at a sherbie you know it will be a sugary delight.

  24. The Fantail had small black text is scribbled across delicate yellow paper which is joined at either end. These tips are dark blue and provide a perfect contrast to the word “FANTALE” which is sprawled across them in a bright red retro font. Inside the wrapper is a smooth, small and brown irregular shape which somewhat resembles a dome shape. Its sweet, chocolaty smell is delightful and tickles the tongue. A thick layer of milk chocolate melts in the mouth, revealing a chewy, caramel centre. This is delicious and sickly sweet, the taste of caramel and chocolate is a tasty treat.

  25. Sherbies are lollies, or candies as they are called in the US, that are orange in both looks and taste. They are rectangular in shape and have a lolly imprisoning a center of sherbet. The candy in smooth and is quit chewy. Sherbies taste exactly as they look. The taste is contrasting as the dull orange looking and tasting outside is sweet and sugary, the white sherbet inside is sour and a unexpected shock when you but through the orange casing.

  26. The Fantale is a standard shade of brown shaped in a hard, cube-like fashion, however the chocolate is not perfectly cubed, as the corners are rounded and expands slightly at the base (if the smooth side was facing upwards). The fantale is approximately 2 x 2 x 1.5 cubic centimetres. The top is coated almost perfectly with chocolate that reflects the light at the corners; only two miniscule cracks are visible. The base was made with imperfections and some dried caramel has seeped out of one of the edges. The chocolate emanates a savoury, mouth-watering smell and gives a small amount of an unknown sticky substance if you touch the surface. As you bite into the chocolate your teeth must apply more force in order to break the outer layer and taste the rich, sweet caramel that waits, coated by the hard layer of sweet chocolate. The caramel is a dark gold colour and melts in your mouth, displaying characteristics of a very thick and viscous substance. As you remove the remaining half of the chocolate from your mouth the caramel sticks to your teeth, stretches, thins out and splits.

  27. A fantale is a delicious chocolate treat that comes in a fancy wrapper with little quizzes and the ends twisted to make the object look like a bow. The lolly is of a chocolate brown colour with rounded edges at the top, it is not quite a cube. It smells sweet and also with some caramel. When you begin to chew, a thick layer of milk chocolate melts in the mouth, revealing a chewy caramel cetre. The chewy caremel sticks to the teeth as it is chewed. After you swallow it, the lolly leaves behind a chewy blob of caramel and chocolate. A pleasant sweet aftertaste leaves us hungry for more.

  28. Fan tails are a small cube like chocolate square, with perfectly even sides and no dent or mark on it. The perfectly smooth chocolate, Carmel treat has a thick layer of Carmel and when you bight into it you can feel the chocolate coating crumbling away from the gooey center. The smell is very sweet and has an almost artificial nature to it.

  29. The Sherbie was light orangey, pink, coral in colour. It was a small rectangular shape, but had several undefined levels to it. It was very smooth and the sides looked like they had been twisted together to form unevenness. The Sherbie was sweet on the inside but once it had melted about a shock of sour sherbet fizzed within your mouth. It had a slight taste of watermelon or general sweetness. The outer layer of the Sherbie was almost like gum it was chewy yet easily edible. Whereas the inside layers were made up of a thick amount of white powdered sherbet. It contained a melting aspect to it; the longer it was in your mouth the more it decreased in size. It was squishy to feel at a finger touch. The sound of your mouth slowly absorbing the flavours makes tiny soft clicking sounds in your mouth.

  30. From the moment you open and smell this lollie, you already know that it is going to be a taste of goodness. This Sherbie is composed of a orange outer layer of chewy, scrumptiousness. Though the inside of this rectangular lollie is powdery sherbet, which is why the lollie is named Sherbies. From the first bite, your teeth go through the outer layer then into the middle, which is a smack of lovely sourness, which fills your taste buds with heaven. Each bite you take, the lollie becomes smaller and softer until this flavourful piece of delight is finished.

  31. The fantale wrapper is a mellow, yellow colour towards the centre with tiny font writing. The ends of the wrapper are twisted, a blue colour and red writing advertising ”allens”. The outside of the lollie is a smooth, and dark brown coloured chocolate. It is a thumb sized, and in the shape of a trapezium with slightly rounded edges. In the centre of the fantale it contains a beatiful soft, and light brown caramel. As the caramel stretches it becomes lighter in colour and thinner. This caramel lollie is quite rich and very sweet. The smell of the fantale is irresistible and convinces you to just have one more.

  32. The Fantale was a 3D trapezium, approximately 1cm in diameter. As you take off the wrapper you get the first whiff of caramelly chocolate goodness. The hard dark outer layer is there to, in a way, protect the gooy inner layer. As you take the first bite you must bite through the dark brown layer of chocolate. When you get past that layer you find yourself in a smooth, delectable centre of caramel. This carmel is the focal point of this creamy candy. The balance of smooth, hard chocolate and sticky, mouth-watering caramel is a great combination. 

  33. A Fantale is a small cube shaped sweet, it has a top layer of brown chocolate, which feels smooth and can smudge, and it tastes creamy sweet. The second layer of Fantale is caramel fudge, which feels sticky and can smudge, the caramel tastes like melted sugar. When eating the Fantale, the chocolate layer melts first into your mouth, and then you are left with the caramel fudge. Which you chew slowly as it melts in your mouth, the fudge is sticky and sweet and tastes more like toffee than caramel.

  34. As I unwrap the small orange cube the smell of green tea leaves enters my nostrils. As it passes through my lips and enters my mouth and explosion of flavours occurs. Each bite I take the better it tastes. Until I get to the sherbet and then… a zingy sensation occurs. It is unlike any other. Each bite is like a slice of heaven. But this heaven is short lived.

  35. I held the small orange cube in-between my thumb and index finger then popped it into my mouth. The vague flavour of orange touched my mouth as i turned the sherbie over in my mouth with my tongue. This dull story completely changed as i sunk my teeth through the soft outer layer of the treat. It was like an explosion in my mouth, the sweat and beautiful taste of sherbet whizzed around my mouth, begging me to take another bight. I chewed the lolly until the flavours slowly melted on my tongue and sunk away. This was how I felt when I challenged that small orange treat.

  36. A Fantail is a delicious caramel confectionary coated with an outside layer of chocolate. As you unwrap this lolly you will hear the sound paper blowing in the breeze on a windy day. The smell of the Fantail is of a rich delicious chocolate of the finest quality. The outside of the consumable is a dark brown colour that is smooth to touch and hard to bite. As you bite inside the confectionary you will reach the rich, sticky mellow inner-core that tastes heavenly. As you reach the end of the divine confectionary, a syrupy layer of rich caramel will coat your mouth and sick itself on to your teeth.

  37. A fantail is a delicious chocolate coated caramel sweety. It has an aroma of chocolate as you open the wrapper. In your mouth it is smooth, silky, chewy and delectable with a rich taste of caramel and chocolate which gets stuck in your teeth

  38. The sherbie rapping makes a crackling sound as you unfold back the sides revealing the Sherbie, a small rectangle with a coral pink colour. Picking it up out of the rapper it is smooth between your fingers. The smell of a sweet orange wafting up slowly from the recently opened lolly. As you place it in your mouth your taste buds register the same sweet orange taste, you recently smelt. Taking your first bite into the sherbie and being hit by the sour inside, adding to the flavour. Once the sourness parses you are left once again with the sweet orange taste till the lolly fades away.

  39. It has an orange and blue wrapper, as I open the wrapper it crinkles. The actual lolly is orange and in the shape of a small rectangle. It smells sweet and sugary, in my mouth it feels squishy and sticky. It doesn’t taste like anything I have ever tasted before. The inside of the lolly has a small amount of white powder which is sherbet.

  40. It looks slightly orange with a shininess to it and feels smooth and slightly sticky with small dents in it. It Smells sweet with and slightly orangey and tastes sweet with a fizziness from the sherbet, it has a small amount of orange flavouring.

  41. The small cube of delight has the chocolate melting in your mouth leaving the sticky brown caramel. The thick caramel swirls around your mouth and off the edge of your tounge sticking to your teeth. when the delight hits your taste buds its amazing.The caramel and chocolate mix lingers in your mouth. The taste is addictive and makes a person beg for another one of those delicious cube of delight.

  42. As you unwrap the Sherbie wrapper it crinkles. When you finally get the wrapper off you see the orange outside and the white powder poking through. When you bit the orange flavoured chewy lolly squishes in your mouth when you penetrate through the orange outside you hit the white sherbet within, it explodes in your mouth with a sweet sourness, and then it mellows into a flowing river of enjoyment. When the Sherbie finally dissolves you are left with the sweet glorious taste in your mouth.

  43. Sherbies are sort of strange looking. They are not fully rectangular because they have bits taken out of the side. They are a light orange colour with white powder falling out of the sides. There are tiny air bubbles on the top surface. The wrapper is orange and blue with bits of white around the writing. The sherbie smelt tangy and like orange. It tasted tangy and sour and it explodes with fizz when you bite it. It feels smooth ontop and on the side bumpy where the bits are missinfg. it is sticky. sherbies do not make any sounds except for a small one when you bit down and it fizzes.

  44. This is a dark brown rectangular prism of deliciousness. There is a good chocolate layer over the caramel inside. The chocolate cover is smooth with a dent in it. The smell is purely chocolatish which is very sweet. The taste makes you feel delighted. Once the chocolate melts you are left with the sticky caramel. It is a gtreat sensation and leves you wanting more.

  45. A Fantale is a small and rounded chocolate coated caramel lollie. Its brightly coloured wrapper of blue, yellow and red attracts your attention. As you unwrap the crinkly rectangular wrapping you smell a sweet and indulgent scent. You experience a burst of flavour as you bite into its smooth, chewy centre and feel the rich chocolate melting away in your mouth. The delicious taste spreads throughout your mouth leaving an irresistible flavour that tingles your taste buds.

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