My Reponse to “Whale Rider”

What was your personal response to the movie? Think about:

  • tradition,
  • culture,
  • leadership,
  • the characters,
  • goodness,
  • females in leadership roles,
  • stubbornness,
  • the need for culture to evolve…

21 responses

  1. Paikea was a strong willed girl who was born to be a leader even though koro didnt see that straight away. Persistence is a key factor of a leader. The traditions in the town were very strong and were dwindling while koro was in charge but with new leader there is new life. koro wasn’t the best leader as he didn’t take charge over his people and the old traditions were very important to him and he wanted everyone else to feel the same way. Koro spent his life looking for a new leader but she was right in front of him.

  2. The overriding theme of the movie is leadership. The struggle to find an appropriate leader and how leadership is needed to sustain a successful community. I learnt some new aspects that are needed to be a leader through Paikea’s actions. As well as the lack of Koro’s leadership during the hardships he is facing.Persistence is an important trait of a leader, when Paikea knew she had the qualities to be the next chief and Koro didn’t register. She persisted through his rudeness and eventually became the next chief in training. I also learnt about the Maori culture and how rich cultural communities survive in the modern era.

  3. The main theme of Whale Rider is leadership. Koro, the leader of a community that was once dominated my ancient rules and laws passed down many generations, struggles to find a suitable leader who can improve the way of life and bring back the traditions and laws that were once obeyed by the people. Koro’s son isn’t interested in becoming the next chief and none of the first born son’s of the towns people live up to his expectations. Mean while, his granddaughter, Paikea, has shown leadership qualities from a very young age, and is exactly what the community needs to get back on its feet. Koro is blind to this though because he believes that the next leader has to be a boy. Throughout the movie, Paikea shows resilience, persistence and dignity all good qualities of a leader. She never gives up and is never disheartened by the fact that she is a girl and is over looked by her grandfather.

  4. In my eyes Whale Rider was a very insightful film teaching that a strong leader and teacher is vital for a tribe to function. At the stat of the movie the leader of the tribe Koro is angry at losing his first grandson and being left with a worthless granddaughter. Although he grows an affectionate bond with Paikea, in his eyes she is still a girl. Koro is desperate to find a suitable leader to lead the tribe out of the darkness and to go back to their ancestors’ ways. But as the movie goes on Koro grows more anxious about not being able to find a suitable leader for his tribe. Paikea is a major character in the story in the way she slowly reveals the true traits of a leader throughout the movie. Even though at times here grandfather is unjust towards her she still keeps being loyal and forgiving which in the end makes her become a great leader and prove her grandfather that girls can become leaders.

  5. The Whale Rider was an informative movie. The key theme of this movie is leadership. This movie showed that the main leadership qualities are loyalty, confidence and resilience. Koro, who was the current leader, was in search for a new person to become the leader as his grandson, who was supposed to be the leader died at birth. Although he still had his granddaughter Paikea, he knew that since she was a girl, she couldn’t become a leader. Throughout the movie, Paikea battles her way so that Koro sees that she is good enough to become the leader. Even through the times where Koro is angry and annoyed at Paikea, she still strives to gain his trust in becoming the leader. As Paikea exerts herself to Koro, she shows skills of a leader. For example, she shows confidence in standing up for what she thinks is right. The qualities of leadership that Paikea uses throughout the story ends up with Paikea proving that girls can be leaders and that if you strive for what you want, it will turn out well.

  6. What caught my full attention after watching the movie, “The Whale Rider”, was how much they took pride in their tradition and culture. One of the main role characters in the movie is Paikea who showed full potential and signs to become the next leader. However, the grandfather, who was searching for the next leader, was blinded because in his eyes she was just a girl. In my opinion, the movie’s moral is about unity and to not be blinded to things that may be in front of you. Leadership was also one of the main aspects of “The Whale Rider.The movie shows that no matter who the person may be, with the qualities of a leader, one can bring unity to the tribe.

  7. Whale Rider
    The movie shows that culture is important and that working together makes everything better. The movie also shows how resilience is a significant aspect of being a leader. If something goes wrong you should get back up and keep fighting. Paikea had resilience, every time Koro shot her down she would get back up and keep trying. The characters in the movie have very strong personalities and they follow what they believe. The whole movie Koro is searching for a leader when she is in front of him the whole time. Whale rider is a very educational movie, with all the teachings of resilience, patience, culture and leadership. Paikea has a very strong personality and it definitely shows in the movie. The way she acts and never gives up shows how she has the character of a leader. Koro ignored Paikea; this showed how he believed greatly in his culture and ancestors. When Koro yelled or got angry at Paikea she did not hold a grudge or shut everyone out, she kept fighting!

  8. In this movie I have learnt some part of the New Zealand culture and ancient traditions that has been passed down through the generations over thousands of years. I have also learnt how they try find the new leaders for the tribes and the qualities that these leaders need to be a suitable leader. They need to have courage, strength and the five qualities of St Peters (persistence, confidence, organisation, resilience and getting along) etc.

  9. Leadership requires many values and responsibility’s that not many people have. In Whale Rider, Paikea has all these but will not get recognized for them because she is a girl. Koro ignores her efforts in trying to become the new leader and try’s to teach the boys. When they all fail his tests he still refuses to let her be the heir. At times during the movie Koro (the current leader of the tribe) does not show all the values of a leader but Paikea still respects him and forgives him. She never gave up trying to become the leader and always tried to protect the traditions in the community. She was confident, determined, respectful, and kind in her actions. Even though she wasn’t allowed by tradition, she tried to keep the tribe alive and learn the sacred dances and songs. It wasn’t until the end of the movie when she rid the whale that Koro realized that he had be ignoring what he had been searching for the whole time. This movie has a great lesson that we can all learn from.

  10. Two of the main themes of the movie Whale Rider are leadership and tradition. When Paikea’s father leaves to make a new life in Europe, he leaves his father, Koro, with a difficult problem. As tradition states Koro’s first born son (Paikea’s father, Porourangi should have become tribal chief, but as he ran away it from the leadership responsibilities they would go to his first born son, who died at birth, however his twin sister Paikea survived. Koro however refused to go against tradition as name his granddaughter tribal chief, despite that fact that she had shown many signs of leadership, which he shot down. Instead Koro blames Paikea for all the misfortune that has happened since her birth and calls together all the first born sons and teaches then of their culture. It isn’t until, Paikea rides the lead whale out into the ocean, risking her life in order to save the animals sacred to her tribe that he realises his foolish mistake and when it is discovered that she is alive, he names her the tribal chief.

  11. The theme of the movie was the importance of tradition and leadership in communities. It also has an implication of women’s rights and equality between men and women. The movie especially highlights the fact that leaders have to have respect of the other members of the community as well as having the right characteristics of leadership. I learnt from the movie that if you set your mind to something and persist in doing it no matter how tough it gets you will succeed. I also learnt good and bad trait in a leader from the roles of Pia and Koro. Koro ignored Pia’s talent and tossed her aside since she was not a male but Pia persisted in trying to reach out to her grandfather and show him that she has what it takes to be the next leader.

  12. The film was good and it showed how unity and working together is a good thing. Also, towards the end of the movie, I think everybody realised what they were doing wrong and tried to fix it. For example, when Paikea was in hospital some of the people said that they would give up smoking. In the end, the movie came down to leadership. Paikea’s leadership was shown in many ways, such as resilience, persistence and the fact that she stayed uncorrupted by all bad influences and all the things people she knew were doing. It also says that a leader is not always who you think it will be, for example, Koro thought that it will be one of the boys, and when he found out that it was not any of them, he thought that all was lost, but the leader turned out to be a person he had been ignoring from the very beginning, Paikea.

  13. Watching ‘Whale Rider’ has taught me important values and the ups and downs of the world. I have learnt that resilience, determination, leadership and courage are great values to have in life. Paikea had all of these values and strived to impress Koro, her grandfather. Paikea was determined to be the chief of the community, but Koro believed that only a male could be a chief, not a female. Koro was a stubborn man, and could not see that Paikea had more leadership content than the boys he was teaching. But Paikea was determined to be chief, and finally triumphed.
    After watching this movie, I’ve had a more positive outlook on life, and that no matter what happens you have to push through, even if all hope is lost.

  14. From the moment Paikea was born and her grandfather disapproved of her gender, I knew that Paikea was going to be a talented and wise young lady. Koro, the grandfather of Paikea was in need for a grandson who could take over his leadership position as chief. It saddened me when every move that she made was rejected by Koro, as he believed that only boys could be wise enough to become the leader. As the movie continued, Paikea maintained her determination to prove her grandfather wrong, but it was no use. Her skills shown, like be able to connect with the whales, find objects that others couldn’t and having the intelligence to make things work really showed her leadership qualities. By the end, Koro had come to his senses and seen past all the disapproval to realise that Paikea was perfect to be the leader. As a sign of acknowledgment, Koro gave Paikea the Whale tooth.

  15. Whale Rider is the story of a girl called Paikea, a descendent of the leaders in her tribe. Paikea was born to be a leader, displaying many leadership qualities in her that would enable her to be a good leader. Some qualities Paikea displayed were: persistence (towards Koro), respect (towards tradition) and being able to make something change(riding the whale). Koro (Paikea’s grandfather and leader of the tribe) did not believe that Paikea could be a leader because she was a girl. Despite Koro’s disbelief and rejection of Paikea, she proved to him that she was capable of being a leader and much more (demonstrated when Paikea brought Koro back the whale tooth and the crayfish). Although Koro may not have directly seen it, Paikea had all the skills and potential she needed to be a leader.

  16. Whale Rider was a film that was mainly based on leadership. Paikea was a great leader and showed many leadership qualities such as loyalty, strength and confidence. Her grandfather koro was always trying to block out all the leadership skills she portrayed as he wanted the new chief to be a male as it was part of their tradition. At the end of the movie, Koro finally realised that Paikea would be a great leader after all the breave things she did such as riding the whale back out from shore. He asked for her forgivness and then all of the people of that culture started going back to their old traditions and beliefs. I realised that it is good for them to get back into doing their traditional things because it made them all unite, use teamwork and it looked like they were enjoying themselves too.

  17. I learnt that leadership isn’t always found in the usual places. Sometimes you have to look for it. Also culture is very important and is should be kept alive in communities for example, at the beginning of the movie not much tradition was displayed, but at the end of the movie it was present. I also learnt to listen to others and give them a chance.

  18. Whale rider is an extremely famous movie, not because of the special effects or how much money they spent creating it, but the qualities and leadership lessons which are displayed in this. It starts off in a local community in New Zealand. The health, determination and most importantly the culture have all but disappeared, one of the main reasons being that there is no first born male leader which has the leadership qualities to take over the community. Then a girl named Paikea was born at the expense of her mother, and a pair of male twins. As the movie progresses you see that she has all of the write skills and qualities to become a leader but her uncle is stubbing and will not allow her to take on that responsibility because of her gender. But after Paikes near death experience he realises that she is meant to be the next chief and later resurrected the community along with there culture.

  19. I have learnt from whale rideer the qualities of a leader, i have learnt that some places in New Zealand the are still quite traditional and learn the ways of their ancestors. I have learnt that to become a leader you must posses certain qualities. these qualities that you need were possesed by Paikea but her grand father Koro would not accept and ignored that she was a suitable leader for the tribe. As the movie went on Koro still ignored Paikea and was hoping one of the firstborn boys would fulfill the role, at the end of the movie he realises that she is the leader and hands over the role to her.

  20. The Whale Rider was about a young girl named paikea.The movie demonstrates what leadership really is. Koro (paikea’s grandfather) was the leader of their community.The community started heading into crisis. People were smoking and eating. This caused the people to become overweight and unhealthy. Koro could see the people get more distant

  21. The Whale Rider makes you think about leadership qualities in one another and yourself. Being a leader is much more complex than what I originally thought. The small girl or one main characters is young but a very skillful and smart person, she is also a very strong girl and stands up for her culture and what she believes in. Although people continue to underestimate her excelence, she continues to strive to impress her gandfather, the leader of their town-like home. Her grandfather continues to search for a new male leader, although his strong, more than capable granddaughter is right infront of his eyes. Its not until the end that her grandfather realises that his grandaughter is the next leader as she is better than all of the male candidates. Her qualities and skills become noticed by all of the people around her,as her bravery carried her through such difficult times where she felt neglected and Koro (her grandfather) said that everything went wrong after she was born.

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