“Whale Rider” and Cultural Traditions


Read the overview of the movie in http://www.greenmanreview.com/film/film_whalerider.html and focus on the last line:

“This is the way ancient traditions still operate today: silly when you don’t believe, and powerful when you do…”

Think about the emphasis on culture and reflect on the following:

  • is culture important?
  • if yes, why?
  • if no, why?
  • do you have a form of culture that is active in your life?  What is it?  Do you like it?

18 responses

  1. Culture is a very important thing throughout many forms of society. Without culture we are all the same. This means no individuality. Culture can be seen and performed in many different ways. Cultures are very different. Take a traditional Maui dance and compare it to a western culture dance; very different. Some cultural aspects that I perform are simple things such as listening to music and dancing around the house.

  2. I think culture is important as it expresses what you believe in and you practice in everyday life. It also ;brings families, friends and communities closer together. My culture involves spending time with friends and family, playing sport and going to the beach.

  3. Yes culture is important in different aspects. In some heavy tradition communities it helps run there society and there “laws”. Different cultures show differences in people and who they are. When one community comes together it shows there real spirit of what they believe in. Culture is not important in my life since in today’s society lots of cultures are blended in and children do not get taught about their culture. You cannot disrespect other cultures in modern day and one major role in being in a culture is sticking to it and not letting the “enemy” come into your society.

  4. ■is culture important?
    ■if yes, why?
    ■if no, why?
    ■do you have a form of culture that is active in your life? What is it? Do you like it?

    1. no, culture is not important in todays australian society. This is because modern day australians jst dont have the time. this reflects on our attitudes to ‘old style’ habits such as worshiping, singing traditional chants and songs, eating special foods and going to certain ‘holy’ places to perform in certain festivals.

    2. i explained it abbove

    3. i explained it abbove

    4. my culture is sport and facebook. it is playing/ competing in sport and socializing on facebook. i guess

  5. Yes culture is very important for everybody. Culture affects people tremendously usually, having a positive impact on them. If a group of people have culture it brings structure and a feeling on belonging to them. What would our world be like if everybody wass the same or had the same culture? Without culture our life would be boring as everybody would be the same. Culture is in every persons life as everybody has a backround. My culture is an outside lifestyle and i value that Australian culture. Skateboarding and going to the beach is a big part of my culture or something i enjoy to do every weekend. This culture has been brought onto me by my parents and what they enjoyed to do.

  6. I beileive that culture is an important quality in a persons life because it brings the community together. My culture is an Australian (outdoor) culture. It is part of my daily routine to go outside, play sport and have an auzzie BBQ.

  7. ■is culture important?
    ■if yes, why? Yes becuase in some places cultare is extremly important.
    ■if no, why?
    ■do you have a form of culture that is active in your life? What is it? Do you like it?
    I do not have a calture but I engoy being outside or going out with freinds. Yes I do like my ‘calture’.>:0

  8. Culture is an important aspect of life, it teaches us about who we are, where we came from and our traditional values. Culture is important because it can teach us about ourselves and our family backgrounds. Culture now in modern times are going on social network sites and buying the latest and coolest tech product.

  9. I believe culture is a vital aspect to the society we live in today. Culture forms the basis of our personal identity and makes us unique. The activities we do, the religions we believe in, the friends we interact with and the actions we make all reflect the culture we live in. Every week I go to church on a Sunday morning and we celebrate Christmas, Easter and birthdays of friends and relatives. I keep up to date with NRL and AFL scores and teams and I enjoy recreational time on the internet. My culture consists of academic values and honesty.

  10. I believe that cultre is an important part of our daily lives. Culture brings communities together and helps people relate easily to one other. Culture is an active part of my life. Everyday I do some for of exercise, especailly with my dad. My family is very outdoorsy and we always go camping, bike riding, walking etc.

  11. I think culture is very important in everybody’s life. Culture is the way people run their life. It’s important because traditions need to be kept and certain things are required in some cultures. Changing cultures is harder than you realize, because it is changing what you do everyday, how you do it, and what you eat. My culture is a lot of sport and social networking. Some cultures are very different from mine. In some cultures people chant around the fires and dance to animals, they call to their ancestors and many more interesting things that make up their days.

  12. Culture is an important part of people’s life. It gives them a sense of identity and it makes people unique. Culture can give people a feeling of belonging to a community or group. Different rituals, ceremonies and beliefs give uniqueness to cultures; no to cultures are exactly the same. I like the idea of culture. I think that it brings people together. Australian’s don’t have a ‘traditional’ culture, going to the beach and having barbecue’s on Australia day could be considered culture. Culture is important to people’s everyday life.

  13. Culture is very important and the identity of a nation. Culture is what makes a nation unique and special and culture always has a base. The Maori, for instance, has a culture based on being fierce and the worshipping the nation’s ancestors. In contrast, the Australian culture is portrayed as being laid back and Bogan, but also can be ready and willing to act as shown in World War One. My life’s culture is based on, firstly, school work and research, followed by sport and gaming and I very much like my culture.

  14. Culture is important because it explains how beliefs came to be and it influences peoples life choices. Culture can explain the reasons behind how different people treat different situations, for example, a tribal leaders’ desisions would be affected by hat is “correct” in their culture. For some people, culture is not an important part of their lives as so many people have lots of cultures in their family heritage. Not evryone has to believe in their culture, but everyone has one.

  15. Culture gives an individual a unique identity. Culture has a broad definition, including the behaviours that people exhibit, their religious or spiritual beliefs and the principles that define their actions. Culture is related to the development of one’s attitude. The cultural values of an individual have a deep impact on his/her attitude towards life. A community’s culture lays the basis of the living of its people. The culture of a community gives its people a character of their own. Culture shapes the language that a community speaks, the art forms it hosts, its staple food, its customs, traditions and festivities comprise the community’s culture. The importance of culture cannot be stressed enough as it is an essential part of living. The culture that I display is where I am peaceful, believe in giving people a fair go and giving it my all.

  16. Culture is very impotant because it is what ties a community together. It reminds us where we are from and it gives us our identity and can shape a person’s personality and attitude toward life. Culture helps us to define our religious, beliefs, personal values, food and clothing. Culture has importance not only for men but also for group. No one can develop human qualities without culture. Culture leads and changes the personality of the individual and structure of the group. In Thailand, we have to doThe traditional Thai greeting and respect the elder is an important part of our culture.

  17. Is Culture important?
    Culture defines you as a person, it forms your personality, your personal values and what you have common with others in your community. My answer to this question is yes.
    Why do I say yes?
    I wrote yes because culture is something we treasure and respect ourselves. Culture shows some, of our personal values to others. Sometimes culture can show a sign of belonging to a community, it could be the way you greet, people in your community. The greeting could be different, to the way you greet people outside of your community.
    Do you have a form of culture that is active in your life? What is it? Do you like it?
    In my culture we have technology, which are mobile phones, to communicate with each other. There is the internet, where there are social networking sites, where we can socialize with friends, family and people.
    I do like technology, because it can keep a community social, by just a switch on a screen.

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