Persuasive Language in Action

Your task is to write 100 words on one of the following topics:

  • The majority of time spent at school is wasted.
  • All alcohol advertising should be banned.
  • Schoolies should be abolished.
  • Daniel should be allowed to go to schoolies.
  • English is the most important subject.
  • Life is what you make it.
  • Living forever would be a wonderful thing.
  • The government should reduce funding to private schools like St Peters.
  • Homework should be banned.
  • Ironbark is a waste of time.
  • Kevin Rudd should be Australia’s Prime Minister.
  • Students should be Christians if they want to attend St Peters.
  • Everyone over the age of 14 should have a job.

Remember to write properly –  no punctuation or grammatical errors.  Also, make sure you use at least three persuasive techniques!



40 responses

  1. Homework should be banned because it is scientifically proven that students need to relax after school. At St Peters Lutheran College students work from 8:05 in the morning to 3:10 in the afternoon, most students then have other commitments such as sport, music, etc. The after school commitments tend to run till 5:00 o’clock. This means that the student will be arriving at home at approximately 5:45 depending on the distance and mode of transport. The students will then have dinner which approximately takes half an hour. Students will then have to do there homework and assignment preparation which can take up to 2:30 hours, this takes you up to 8:15 which is close to most students bedtime. Students are then tired at school the next day and the cycle repeats itself. This is why homework should be banned.

  2. I believe that Daniel should be able aloud to go to schoolies for a number of reasons. The first being that police presence is evident at all times, very rarely an event that is significantly dangerous occurs. Do you remember back to your childhood? If your mother had of said no, you would contain the same feelings as Daniel. Having a week of celebrating his achievements at school, with his friends will be a lifelong memory that he will cherish and be thankful for. Statistics have shown that going to schoolies is a safer environment, with continual police watch, red frogs and possibly some parental guidance than going elsewhere. In other areas of Australia or the world police are not constantly patrolling areas and no red frogs are helping you. That Is why I believe Daniel should be allowed to go schoolies.

  3. Schoolies week first began on the Gold Coast, Queensland in 1979. Since then, the tradition has spread, and Australian high-school graduates celebrate their graduation with a week-long party at many popular tourist destinations around the country.
    A variety of support services will be offered during Schoolies Week at key destinations. There is a highly visible presence of services such as police, security, emergency services, officials and volunteers. They offer general support, medical assistance, advice and information. In the past, Surfers Paradise has also offered a Schoolies only zone to prevent the toolies (too old for schoolies) from taking part in the celebrations. As you can see from the evidence above, schoolies is a safe but fun event that’s symbolises teenagers becoming young adults. This is also a great test of one’s responsibility, and I am positive that Daniel is very responsible and aware of the consequences of his actions. However it is your decision as his parent, but I believe if you don’t let Daniel embark on the once of a lifetime opportunity he may resent your decision. Even though a small per cent of schoolies choose to cause trouble, you know that Daniel is very mature and if he was faced with a difficult situation, he would deal with it appropriately.

  4. The majority of time spent at school is wasted.

    Why would anyone want to stay at school and learn things that they will never need later on in life? School is a waste of time! It turns out that a child/teenager spends 6.4 years, 2340 days, 16380 hours, 9828900 minutes and 58968000 seconds of their life in so-called sophisticated school! Say you were going to be a plumber when you grow up, why do you need to know about rice growing in Asia? It is nice that teachers get paid to explain boring, unuseful things that we will never ever need later on, but really, they can find other jobs that people care about. The thing is we will survive without school!

  5. Daniel should be allowed to go to schoolies because he will have the best time of his life after working hard to get the results he got in year 12. Police is always surveying the area. 99% of the people are not silly and get them selves into trouble, but the other 1% are just stupid and do get into trouble. This is a very big number of students that don’t get into trouble. I’m shore that Daniel fits into that 99% of not being silly. The event started in 1979 and every year the place gets safer then back then.

  6. In my opinion, the majority of time spent in school is NOT wasted. Why? Because it’s good to have knowledge that can be remembered on the spot, even if it doesn’t correspond with your future job. School is meant to teach children life skills and to slowly release them into the world, much like when a caterpillar forms into a butterfly. The process of school is long and painful, but it will be if part of the curriculum were to be removed, then the children would be left without necessary life skills. Just because worth it in the end. Most children these days take education for granted, much like I used to do, but you are doing a subject that you find boring and unnecessary doesn’t mean the knowledge you gain from that subject can’t be directly used into your future profession.
    Liam Lenton

  7. After 13 years of packed lunches and exams, it’s no wonder year 12 school leavers want to escape for a week to mark their independence. And Schoolies Week certainly celebrates just this!
    A week of partying, dancing and spending time with friends before leaving for university cures the longing for freedom for thousands of Australian school leavers each year. Daniel should be allowed to go and show his independence and responsibility. This is a celebration of leaving school and becoming an independent and mature adult.
    Letting your child have the break they deserve after a year of sleepless nights and exams is a way to think of what schoolies is.

  8. Have you ever been on a holiday and you never want to leave? Well if you live forever you can spend all the time you want there. Living forever would be a wonderful thing because you would get to do all the things you want to do in your life. Spend as much time as you want doing what you want. Learn about more occupations and life skills. Just think how much smarter the world would be if everyone lived forever. You could watch evolution go by and see historic inventions created. You can make sure you achieve your life goals and dreams. This is why you must live forever, Would you?

  9. Everyone over the age of 14 should have a job.
    I strongly believe everyone over the age of 14 should have a job. There are many reasons for this, the first is work experience. Having work experience at young age helps to improve chances of getting a fulltime job when older. Another advantage of having a job over the age of 14 is, reducing the amount of money parents spend on their children. Parents have to pay for many things for example: electricity, phone bills, school fees, clothes and shoes, times however many family members there are. This is a lot to pay for, so young people that have jobs can reduce this if they are earning their own money. Would this help your family? A third reason why everyone over the age of 14 should have a job is life experience and maturity. In a job many things are learnt, like using the register, counting money, organisation skills, time management, manners and people skills. These are all very important skills in life. Therefore, I believe everyone over the age of 14 should have a job.

  10. Homework should be banned. Students from around the country are spending an entire day at school and then spending all afternoon sitting down doing more schoolwork. This is preventing many Australian students from any outdoor activities, causing them to become unhealthy.

    If homework is banned it would encourage students to get up off their butt and do something active. If Australians don’t want to be known as the fattest country in the world then we have to do something about it. Banning homework would be a good way to motivate young Australians to exercise.

    Statistics show that healthier and more active students can concentrate for a longer time than those who do less exercise. If all Australian students did more exercise giving them higher concentration levels then they would be able to learn more during lessons.

    Would you want your child to become unhealthy due to the amount of homework they receive?

  11. The majority of the 430 minute long (seven hours and ten minutes) school day is wasted. Every day 30 minutes is spent on assembly, chapel, admin and roll marking. This an excessive waste of valuable learning. Approximately 40 minutes per day is spent on walking between classes, and there is 120 minutes of down time in classes (getting started, sorting out problems etc). Therefore, the average school day wastes a minimum of 190 minutes. Add to that, whole classes periods marking homework, wasting 40 minutes. On those days 230 minutes is wasted. Lunch is not included, as it is an important part of the day for students to eat, socialize and it is also when clubs and meetings are held. So tell me, what’s the point of seven hour day if most of it isn’t even useful?

  12. Life is what you make it.
    Depression, sadness and suicide are major problems in modern society. In the last few years around 2,100 people have committed suicide in Australia each year. There are more deaths from suicide than road accidents between 1995 and 2009. The modern world revolves around work and money, and many of us are forgetting to enjoy our lives.
    Three major traits for success are: opportunities, attitude and resilience.
    Seize opportunities when they arise in your life and make the most of them.
    Maintain a positive attitude and allow time to do things that you enjoy.
    Accept that ‘bad’ things happen in everyone’s life and don’t let them get you down, instead accept them and move on with life, resilience is a very important trait in life, for it is well known that resilience is the base of success.

  13. Homework should not be banned.

    Homework in schools should not be banned. This is because if students don’t finish work in class or don’t understand a concept, it can be revised for homework. It has been proven that our brain can only take in 1000 bits of information from the 10000 that we are exposed to daily. Homework is not banned in schools through homework we can remember important concepts. If homework is given, then parents can at home help their children and help explain things that children don’t understand. Wouldn’t you agree that children should be able to understand the things that they are being taught?

  14. Ironbark is not a waste of time. Ironbark is an outdoor facility that provides many country experiences for St Peter’s students, most of which some people will not experience again. For instance, an academic student, who may go on to do great work in their preferred field, may never do a four day hike again. He may never tend to a garden regularly or go horse riding. So Ironbark gives people, like the person mentioned above, time to participate in country activities, to enjoy those activities and to open their mind to an aspect of life that they thought they would never touch. Ironbark also caters for everyone else. People who like hard labor will love Iron Bark. People who are average and do both sport and academic stuff will either love, hate or just enjoy Iron Bark. So Iron Bark is not a waste of time. It is a path to be followed, ignored or plainly acknowledged. Iron Bark is a learning experience for everyone.

  15. I think homework should be banned. All of Australia’s students spend at least 6 hours at school per day. Then at night we usually on average sleep about 7-10 hours asleep and sometimes at least an hour doing sport. This leaves us with only
    seven hours in which we eat and do homework. This leaves nearly no time to relax and reflect on the days events. If we relaxed more and didn’t get so stressed by homework, we would be more rested for the following school day. Also, the reduced stress helps get us get in a better mood and we would be happier. Having less homework will also encourage people to get off the couch and get active instead of being stuck inside doing homework.

    So there for I think we should make it so homework is banned, or at least reduce the amount by a bit. By doing this it will help us to relax and get more sleep, reduce stress and put us in a better mood, and finally, it will help Australia’s students to get more active.

  16. In my opinion, I strongly believe that life is what you make it because the way you act toward your life will show the outcome of what you want. For example, if you wanted to become a doctor and you didn’t do anything about it, you most probably wouldn’t get the outcome you would want. But on the other hand, if you were to learn how to be a doctor, there would be a much better chance of becoming a doctor. Do you think that a person would become what they want without working for it?

  17. Schoolies week is often referred to as insane, and very unsafe. On the news, there are always stories of drunken miss behaviour, drugs and horrible accidents. However, there are never stories of the good things that happen at schoolies, such as the fun people have catching up with their friends, after working so hard at their last year of school. For most young adults schoolies is a time to relax, have a good time and catch up with friends. There is constant supervision by police, and there are many other organisations to prevent these terrible accidents from happing. Yes, there is some risk in going to schoolies, but there are risks in everything. For the 99% of people who have an awesome time at schoolies, I believe it is a risk worth talking.

  18. Homework adds unnecessary pressure on the already stressful lives of students and should thus not be compulsory. In a study done by Stanford University it has been shown that in places with higher academic achievement, such as Japan and Denmark, students receive little to no homework, however in places with low academic achievements, such as Greece and Iran, teachers will assign a great deal of homework. Statistics have also shown that Australian children spend more time doing homework, and less time playing sport which will increase obesity. What is more important? An education or a persons health? Lastly the school day at St Peters is already 7 hours and 15 minutes long, why should we have to use more of our own time doing homework when we have afterschool activities that will add extra hours onto our day? School is for learning home is for relaxing.

  19. Homework Should Be Banned

    Homework should be banned because it is proven scientifically that students need to relax after school. At St Peters, pupils work/study from 8:10 in the morning to 3:10 in the afternoon. Pupils then generally have other out of school or co-curricular commitments like sport or music. These commitments normally run until around 5:30. After their commitments have finished, the student then has to make his/her way home which would normally take ½ an hour which depend on how they travel and where they have to travel to. Most students normally eat dinner when they get home at around 6:30 which normally takes half an hour. Pupils then will start working on their homework and assignment or exam preparation. This can easily take longer than 3 or 4 hours a night. This then means that students are preparing their schoolwork/ clothes for the next day at around 9:30-10 o’clock. This situation easily allows students to forget important belongings like underwear or assignments which can then lead to embarrassment or failure of subjects. The pupils then need to shower and get ready to bed which means that they eventually get to bed at around 10:30 every night. Since this happens every night, the students are constantly tired at school which means they find concentrating awfully hard. As this cycle is ever rotating, students have to adapt to a lack of sleep or will start to fail subjects. Ask yourself, if you were in this situation would you allow it to continue?

  20. I believe English is the most important subject we learn at school. Why? We study about the English language from a young age when we are taught to speak. Then as people advance through school they learn to read, spell and write, all nessacary skills we need to get into the work force and communicate. In 2008, 796 million adults worldwide were reported not being able to read and write. Being literate is a privledge. 40% of American adults are illeterate and living in poverty. Not learning about the English language from a young age leads to poverty. You wouldnt be able to attend school or get a job, which is a problem for the next generation. If you do not have the money to send your children to school because you are unable to get a job, they will suffer the same fate as you. I strongly think that English is the most important subject we are taught and that it should be encouraged in disadvantaged communities.

  21. Homework should be banned.
    I strongly believe that homework should be banned. This is firstly because homework creates a lot of stress. Many children have out of school commitments before and after school hours and it’s difficult to stay on top of your homework while participating in music, sport and other activities. Often because of these commitments children tend to get home late and then have to do their homework which means that they don’t get a good night sleep. Recent studies show that 33% of kids aren’t getting enough Vitamin D, and this may be because they are stuck inside doing homework when they should be going outside and running around. This can also lead to serious weight problems. Secondly homework also takes up a lot of time for teachers as they have to think of what homework to do, and then they have to correct and check that kids have done it. In summary homework is a very time consuming activity for both teachers and students.

  22. I believe that children exceeding the age of 14 shouldn’t feel the pressure of an occupation on their plate. Children around this particular age are at a peak stage of both their social and physical schooling ages. Personally, I am really into sport, and would find it extremely troubling and difficult to find the spare time for a job. Some don’t do many other co-curricular activities, which might mean they have the additional time. However when u place your school work, sport, and social lives at thought, you might realize that receiving a job at this point in your life is not essential and prioritization may need to occur. Therefore I strongly believe that even when a child reaches the age of 14, they don’t essentially need to start searching for employment.

  23. Kevin Rudd should be Australia’s Prime Minister.
    I strongly agree with this statement for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the population of Australia voted for Kevin Rudd, not Julia Gillard, to be the leader of our country. Looking at statistics, if an election was held, I feel that Kevin Rudd would be reelected as Prime Minister. As shown in many polls in newspapers, Mr. Rudd has twice the amount of support from the population of Australia. Secondly, Julia Gillard was never elected by the public to become the leader of Australia which is why many people dislike her. Yet she has her supporters. In conclusion, I believe that due to his popularity, Kevin Rudd should be reinstated as the Australian Prime Minister.

  24. Homework should be banned!

    Although some people say homework is a necessity towards a child’s learning and education, it is, in fact, a complete waste of time.

    Homework is known to destroy relationships between families due to unnecessary overloads of useless information. At school, students are required to learn information, taught by the teacher. If the student does not understand the content, the teacher is then at fault for the student’s incompetence in that specific area of learning.

    Most private schools usually give children the opportunity to commit to a particular sport or music component for the school. Training and practice for these activities are usually arranged before or after school and run to late hours, depriving students of time at home. Once the student has finished that co-curricular, he or she still needs to return home. Some students are known to travel for up to an hour by bus and train. If the co-curricular finishes at 5:00 pm, the student is expected to return home within the next hour depending on respective agendas of students. The student then has to unpack and finally eat before beginning on homework. The student rarely sleeps early because of unnecessary amounts of homework and therefore is tired the next day.

    Homework is not a vital part of learning for students and should be banned.

  25. Life is what you make it
    People who find life boring or difficult don’t usually enjoy their life. What happens to you, in life is mostly your decision. Your parents only guide you to part of your life; the rest of your life is finding your own way.
    Consider a bus driver they drive all day long on the same routes, we would probably think this is boring. But people often have hobbies outside of work time, they might be in a sports club at weekends, also think about all the different people, they must meet every day.
    Jobs that I might consider difficult would be a Parking attendant. Their job is to fine people all day, for parking in the wrong place. But they know that if they were not there, people would park wherever they like.

  26. In my opinion your son-Daniel- should be allowed to go to schoolies for a number of reasons. I will categorise these reason into two main topics: safety and fun.
    I see safety is a very important matter to you and if my son was going to schoolies I too would be worried. But you don’t have to worry, as there will be plenty of safety measurments and police officers who are willing to risk their life to protect your son.
    Fun is the most important aspect of schoolies and is basically what schoolies is for. The only thing your son is trying to do is have fun. I’m sure he will get an exceedingly high op (being your son) and you could just let him celebrate this by having fun with his sensible mates.
    To sum up, your son will be in good hands at schoolies and he should be allowed to have some fun he is entitled to.

  27. Why homework SHOULD be banned!
    In the movie, The Shining, Jack wrote;
    “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”
    I think he was right.
    All homework and no play makes me a very dull boy.
    This thought runs through the mind of every child in this class room. This is why I think homework should be banned from all schools around the world.

  28. Yes, I believe that boys and girls at the age of 14 should have a job because, if we have jobs we would be out of a public place running, trashing and destroying it. Another reason is if we have jobs we would have a larger social life with work friends. One more reason why we should have jobs is because if we earn our own money we will be able to buy what we want at our own will. The final reason is if we have our own jobs it will teach us to be more inderpendent and we will earn a very importent life skill.

  29. English is the most important subject.
    If you want to be good at successful at something, you must be good at english. Nobody ever got into University not knowing how to write a solid sentance. So, english class teaches you everything you need to know about writing. 100% Of employed people know how to write a god sentance. Also, 100% of people in University can write a sentance. If you ever want to get a job, you will most likely have to fill out a resigmay. Guess what? If you can’t fill out a resigmay you will not get the job. If you don’t have a job, you don’t get money. Learning english is very important if you want to get a job.

  30. I strongly believe that Iron Bark should be compulsory for St Peters students. My reason for this statement is that Iron Bark is all about getting out of your comfort zone and meeting knew people. These skills will prepare you for the years to come, when school work gets more intense. I see why some teachers would be worried about students missing four weeks of school, but the moral lessons you will develop and learn at Iron Bark will stay with you for the rest of your life.

  31. I strongly believe that homework should be banned. It is scientifically proven that 1 in 5 students get stressed out because of big homework overloads. In my opinion when kids go home from school it should be a time for them to rest and socialise, not continue more work and get stressed out over it. As most students have to get up early in the morning, then endure six hours of school, this tires kids out and the only way to counter this is to go to bed early, which lots of students are not able to do because of homework. So ask yourself this, would you like to come home from school, after six hours of misery, only to be confronted with even more work? I think not!

  32. Set out homework should be banned. At school we already spend 5-6 hours a day learning. We need some sort of time to recover. But studying and revising work I think should be necessary for a short period of time. It has been scientifically proven that the brain needs to rest. Most students wake up at around 5-6am and arrive home at around 4pm or 5 in the afternoon. With sporting commitments, dinner, showers, hobbies (music, skateboarding) this only leaves around 1-2 hours spare to do homework. This small amount of time is normally very difficult for a child to do all their set out homework by themselves so they receive help from their parents or they tend to stress. Parents don’t have much time either so this cuts out their time as well because of homework. Teenagers are going through many changes in their body and the last thing they want is stress and pressure from have heaps of homework.

  33. It has been said that Schoolies is a danger to adolescents and young adults and should be banned. However, I disagree. Imagine you started Year 12 waiting for the day when you could go to Schoolies with your mates and then you were told it had been banned.

    Schoolies is a great introduction to life outside of school because it allows teenagers to take responsibility for their own decisions. If they make the wrong choices at schoolies, they will learn life lessons that they can apply to the future.

    Schoolies is a well developed tradition. It started in the 1970’s and so the popular Schoolies venues like the Gold Coast have had a lot of time to improve on their safety and security. Today Schoolies is a relatively safe environment. Three people did die in Australia at Schoolies in 2011. All of these deaths were due to road accidents and statistically, could have happened anywhere.

  34. Alcohol advertising should be banned for many of reasons. Before we start things, I have one question for you, how would you like it if your young, adolescent teenager was exposed to the images of alcohol? You may think that your child is responsible enough to not try anything but you do not know what is going on their minds. Teenagers at this age can be easily influenced to what they see or do. In 2004, 25% of those aged 14-19 years drank alcohol on a daily or weekly basis in the last 12 months compared to 50% of all persons 14 years and over (AIHW 2005a). Though there is only 25% daily teenage alcohol consumption, many teenagers have connections to drink on the weekends. Drinking causes many tragic events and they are mainly caused by influenced teenagers. I believe that all drinking advertisements should be banned mainly for the sake of our young generation.

  35. I believe that the Ironbark journey itself is not a waste of time, although the time period itself of five weeks is certainly an extensive length of time. Firstly, the last thing a 14 year old student would want to do is be relocated to the bush to work on a farm for five weeks. I can imagine that many students wouldn’t mind a two week or three week camp, at the most, but this rather long amount of time frustrates people to an extreme. Secondly, homesickness is a huge problem with students of this age. It is virtually impossible to see your parent whilst you are away, this can make people really upset, to a point where they are hysterical and don’t want to be there, hence a bad ironbark experience. Homesickness is not easy to cure and can cause to many other emotional difficulties. Lastly, whilst the ironbark experience is a very good program for teenagers, being isolated in the bush can be very daunting for many. I believe that the amount of time spent at ironbark should be shortened dramatically.

  36. English is an important subject
    The most important and useful thing is that English is the most spoken language in the world. English is important for many reasons. For one, you can’t get a great job if you can’t speak it well or write it well. English is about how we communicate with other and it is how we express ourselves. It is one way in which we expose ourselves to the world and make an impression on the people we encounter. Communication is essential for business, school, writing, and building relationships with people. Every subject also do requires English for writing assignments and test; because knowing the content for a test isn’t only thing we need; therefore we have to able to clearly and distinctively express this for example a question that requires a paragraph answer. It is for all these reasons that I consider English the most important subject in school.

  37. I beileve that homework should be banned from schools around the because students are getting to much and everyone needs to relax but us students cannot with the amount of homework. Also St Peters Luthern College starts at 8:05 and finishes at 3:10. When these students work for so long at school they get tiered and they just want to relax but they cannot because of homework and that can take 10 minutes to one and a half hours. Most of these kids need a break and even some children have to train for a particular sport and nearly have no time to do homework.

  38. Homework should be banned in schools because for starters the students have more assignments and more exam to study for each year and barely have enough time for extra homework. Students will study for hours each night including homework and ending up not getting enough sleep creating the problem of students falling asleep in class and not concerntrating. Many countries with the highest scoring students such as Japan, Denmark, and the Czech Republic, have teachers who assign little homework. Well I think that we learn in the classroom should stay in the classroom and in the students text books.

  39. Ironbark is not a waste of time, it is a great journey that all students should participate in and complete it as a lifelong experience. Although the adventure is five weeks long and we are missing out in a lot of work, teachers think that’s why it’s a waste of time. Also the long five weeks is a torture a lot of time for 13 to 14 years old to be away from home and getting homesick isn’t an easy thing to cope with and is a waste of time for those students who get homesick because they don’t want to be at ironbark having fun, and also being out in the bush for all that time can be very daunting for many people. Instead of five weeks it should be cut down to three or four.

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