My Dialogue

Create a conversation between two people.  Use speech tags, actions and thoughts.  Make it interesting.  Then go and comment on someone else’s post.

Part 1: Think back upon the conversations you had today and write one down here.

Part 2: Create a conversation between a middle-aged female doctor and a young male surfie guy arguing over a car park at a shopping centre.


48 responses

  1. “Hey Daniel what was our Maths homework”? I asked
    “Ummmm…….i think it was page 60 but I’m not quite sure….” Replied Daniel.
    “Well I’m gonna go to the library and complete it so I dont have to do it at home, wanna come”? I queeried
    “Yea sure meet me there at the start of lunch” Daniel exclaimed.

  2. “You never would have guessed what happend to me on Sunday .” Chad exclaimed “I was playing soccer when it started raining and my clothes got drenched.”
    “What did your mum say when you got home.”
    “She was happy I was playing with my friends. But angry because i had got a massive rash on my skin from sliding in the grass.”

  3. “Mr Daniels I’m glad I was able to see you here. Your test results came back from the lab and your cut is infected with a disease called ephitiatus.”
    “Oh dude is it serious, will I still be able to surf.”
    Do you know how you got the cut?” She looked very still and her eyes were darkened.
    “Um let me think man I might have cut it on this green rock near Reaches Cove.”

  4. 1) The man at the cashier glared me, ‘’that will be $3” he exclaimed in a Indian accent .
    “Oh but sir I only have $2.80”
    “Well im sorry do you have any friends here that could help you out”? I looked around I don’t even know why he would say that I was the only one there. “no I don’t could I just buy it know and then pay you back in the morning”.
    “No”! The man yelled, you may defiantly not, know if you can’t afford to buy this candy bar then please leave my store

  5. “Hey Sam, are you ready for todays exam?” John anxiously asked.
    “It think so… although I didn’t really understand the second bit of homework which was a really important part!” Sam exclaimed.
    “Well maybe if you take your books out of your bag quick enough, maybe I could explain to you how to do i-” John responded as the bell rung.
    “Sorry but I have to go…” John murmured. ” Good luck on your exam!”

  6. Part 1: “Hey alex do you want to go that trolley to put our heavy bags into that trolley” I blurted out quite unexpedly.”Yeah sure why not my bag is pretty heavy”explained Alex. As we walked across the bridge I told Alex with giggle in my voice “Everyone is looking at us.” Alex and I just laughed.
    Part 2: “HEY YOU TOOK MY SPOT” shouted the middle aged woman. “It didn look like you were goin in there.”argued the surfie boy. “You should not have done that young man”. explained the very well dressed woman. “Well it is gone now and can’t take it off me” declared the surfie. “Fine I will leave you in peace.” told the surfie while driving off. “SEE YOU LATER MATE.” shouted the surfie.

  7. Part 1:
    “Hey guys (Jess,Jessie,Maddy), when are we going to the movies this weekend?” I asked.
    “Umm Saturday I think,” Jess exclaimed.
    Part 2:
    “You! young man,” squealed the middle-aged woman,”that is my car park, you see,” the lady pointed directly to a small sign that read; Reserved for Dr Lewis.
    “Whoa, sorry dude I didn’t even like see that,” the surfie guy admitted,” but I’ll only be like two seconds, I just gotta grab a new string for ma board.”
    The Lady wasn’t looking to argue she waited for the young man to finish in the shop.

  8. “Dude, I was supposed to get that parking spot first!” Exclaimed the young surfer.
    “I assure you that I saw the spot first” The doctor formally said.
    “Come on bro, I’m in a hurry here so would ya let me take the spot just this once.” He stated.
    “I have already occupied this area so there actually is nothing you can accomplish out of arguing with me about this.” She declared.
    “Oh man… I’ll just go somewhere else.”

  9. 1. “Are you here yet?” Dad questioned.
    “No, the bus will be there in about five minutes.” I muttered

    2. “Young man, move your car immediately!” the woman bellowed. “No way man! I always park here!” the surfer slurred. “I’ll be back in half an hour if you want to wait?”
    “Huff” she answered angrily as she sped off to find another park.

  10. “Oi,mate!” exclaimed the surfer, “You just took my spot.”
    “Excuse me?” replied the female doctor, surprised, “This spot is reserved for hospital personnel only.”
    “So?” came the sarcastic reply, “My mother works, and she said that I could park anywhere on the grounds.”
    “Well I’m sorry, but your mother was mistaken.”
    “Oh. Ok then. I’ll just move then. Sorry for the trouble.”

  11. “Excuse me young man.” She hissed, in a sharp tone, her English accent unmistakable.
    “Yea” the young male replied not taking much notice of her at all.
    Her anger growing at his obnoxiousness, “I clearly indicated for that park!”
    “Yea well I got there first….” he trailed off as he turned his back and started walking away.
    “You arrogant little snot,” she yelled as he turned and grinned from the other side of the car park.

  12. “So where are you from?” asked Winston.
    “Me? I’m from the place where you haven’t been yet,” came the cryptic reply.
    “A bit of a long search to find you then.”
    “Indeed,” said the screen with the scrambled voice and face.
    “Tell me what you need me to do, and I’ll do it.”
    “Excellent. I need you to hunt down and kill Barry Parsons.”
    “Barry? But he’s one of colleagues at work. If I kill him…”
    “Exactly,” said the screen, “So go.”

  13. “Dude! Thats totally my parking spot. MOVE!” yelled the surfer boy.
    “Excuse me young man but I am certain I saw the spot–,”
    “Well would ya mind moving?” asked the boy rudely interupting the middle aged doctor.
    “This is my assigned parking spot and I have to go to work,” she exclaimed.
    “Oh fine then, i’ll go somewhere else this time. see ya later.”

    “Mrs Schabe, when will we be having the term test?” Joseph inquired curiously.
    “This Friday Joseph.” exclaimed Mrs Schabe “Have you prepared for it yet?” she asked.
    “Not yet, do we have to study unit one?” Joseph wondered.
    “Yes, unit one on heat and sound,” confirmed Mrs Schabe.

  14. “So how was school?” Mum asked suddenly.
    “Same as usual,” I replied.
    “That’s a Cameron answer,” she informed me.
    “OK. Erm, stage band, lessons, morning tea, lessons, lunch, more lessons, then band. Can you turn the radio up?” I asked.

    “Hey babe, just chill a bit would ya,” the boardshort clad surfer exclaimed.
    “I was here first,” the middle aged woman shot back.
    “Relax babe, I’ll only be a sec.”
    “Stop calling me babe,” she yelled.

  15. 1. “What did you do today?” I asked.
    “Nothing.” She replied.
    2. “Excuse me young man, but you seem to have taken my parking spot. May i have it back?” pleaded the woman.
    ” No way man, I saw it first and you didnt have your indacator on. Finders keepers.” said the young surfer obnoxiously.
    ” I know it should be mine but i have better things to do than stand here arguing about this. I have to get to work. Good day to you Sir!”
    “Catcha later.”

  16. Dialogue one:
    “Mate!” He exclaimed
    “Excuse me young man,” she proclaimed in a firm gentle voice, “but I was sure that I had this parking fir–”
    “Ugh no you didn’t.” He replied hastily cutting her off, “now can you please move ya car.”

    Dialogue two:
    “Yum!” Mum exerted
    “What are you eating?” questioned Hazel
    “Cottage cheese with crackers. Try it!” Mum answered in an excited voice.

  17. Dialogue 1:
    “Oii Mrs!” slured the man.
    “Yes young man, how may I help you?” said the lady in a soft yet proper voice.
    “Your car, move it its blocking my park!” he exclamed.
    “Oh I didnt realise that you owned this park!” she said in a stern voice.

    Dialogue 2:
    “Hey what are you doing on the weekend?” exclamed Jess in an excited voice.
    Jessie replied glumly “I have homework to do” “But if i get that finished maybe I can do someting Saturday!” she said in an excited tone.
    “Yay, I will call you tonight!” Jess replied.

  18. DIalogue 1:
    “Excuse me sir, I believe this parking lot belongs to me.” Stated the lady confidently.
    “Oi you just gotta chill out gal, I’m in it now, you just gotta relax n look for another one.” Explained the surfer guy in a husky voice.
    “Do not talk to me like that, ladies first.” The lady grunted.

    Dialogue 2:
    “Dude, can you come to the bathroom with me please?” Asked Chelsea in a quiet voice.
    “I can’t really be bothered, plus I have a story for you,” Moaned Emma.
    “Please Emma! I really need to go to the toilet!” Exclaimed Chel.
    “Okay Chel,” Emma whined.

  19. dialogue 1.
    “Excuse me can you please move your car” The man yelled out
    “No, why do I need to move it?” Said the lady
    ” Your in my car park” the man said.
    “Oh sorry I didn’t realise that you owned the park”. She responded in a deep voice.

    dialogue 2
    “Hey what are you doing tonight?” Asked Maddy in a happy voice.
    Jess replied in a angry manner. “Ihave nothing on” why is that Maddy?
    “Do you want to go to the movies tonight with some friends?” asked Maddy
    “I am not allowed to do anything for one month because I am grounded”. said Jess
    “what did you do wrong?” Maddy asked
    “I didn’t do homework” Jess said sadly
    “Ok i’ll call you tonight”.

  20. “Mum,can I please go shopping?” I begged.
    ” I don’t know…” Mum mumbled.
    ” Is that a yes, mum?” I asked
    “well I’m not taking you”
    “so I can go if I take the bus, I can go”

  21. dialogue 1
    ‘Im so pumped about rowing tonight’ exclaimed Alfie in an excited tone
    ‘Yeah me too’ i said in the same tone
    ‘I hope i get to row in a single’ replied Alfie
    ‘That would be sweet because i am’ i stated for the forth time that day ‘well, see ya’
    ‘yeah see ya’ said Alfie

    dialouge 2
    ‘Excuse, could you kindly move your automobile?’ asked the doctor
    ‘no way mate, i is here first bro!’ shouted the surfer guy
    ‘well then ‘brother’ i will have to dissagree with you there, but considering how polite and educated i am, i will simply find another space to leave my automobile!’ said the doctor in an educated manner.

  22. Ben stormed through the door and aggressively shouted at his mum, ”Has that ipod arrived yet had arrived yet”,? ”Its been bloody ages”?
    His mother paused and nervously replied ”um no i havent seen it, sorry”. Ben grunted, then spat on there new kitchen floor angrily.

  23. “Excuse me sir, but I am pretty sure I got this park first.” The doctor stated politely.
    “I dunno miss, but I think I was here first” the surfer mumbled
    “Well we are going to have to come to an agreement”
    “Miss, why don’t you just ark over there, you got legs, you can walk.”

  24. Part 1:
    “What time are you leaving Leah? I asked
    “In about 30 minutes” Leah whispered
    “It’s going to be so different without you here”
    “Do you want to help me pack” Leah said giggling
    “Not really -”
    “I was joking, it’s fine”
    “Oh okay, well I will see you later,”
    “Ok, bye”

  25. ‘Can i have an apple’ asked Alfie
    ‘No’ grumbled’ mum
    ‘Can I have an orange’ asked Alfie, again
    ‘No’ exclaimed mum
    ‘Can I have anything to eat’ fustratinly asked Alfie
    ‘No’ mum grumbled

    ‘Yo,mate can you move your car’ exclaimed jake
    ‘ Sorry my young fellow but i was here first, you will need to find a new spot’ politly asked janet
    ‘ I have no time to argue with your bother, i got to catch some big ones, g’day’

  26. Dialogue 1
    ”Please carm down, we can figure this problem out responsibly.”
    ”What are you talking about? You parking theif.” angrily shouted the man.
    ” There is only one way, to solve this. I came here first so please let me through.”
    ” I haven’t got time for this lady, I’m goin.”

  27. Dialogue one
    “Oi wat do ya think your doin!” Sreamed the young man.
    “Excuse me; who do you think you are talking to?” Said the frustrated docter.
    “Im parking my car in the car park you just stole, you old wich!”
    “First of all that is not what i would call a car, that is a old rusting piece of steel!And sencond of all im not an old wich im head of the department of medical science!”
    The man couldn’t think of a come back so he rolled up his window and screached his tires.
    Dialogue two.
    “Hey i like cheese!” Screamed bob
    “OMG so do I!” Agreed Ted
    “We shold go to the shop and get some. Dont you think?” Asked bob
    “Yes, yes i think we should.” said Ted
    “Okay then, lets go.” Said bob as he prepared for the shops.
    After the shops Bob and Ted came home and enjoyed thier cheese.

  28. Dialoge 1
    “Hey, ready for rugby training,” said Tom.
    “Yeh, i think there should be two trainings a week; one is not enough,” exclaimed Ben
    “I got new boots,” said Tom
    “I’am getting new boots tommorow, what type did you get?” asked Ben, as they walked to class.
    “I got puma boots they are black and florecent green.”

    Dialoge 2
    “Excuse me, but i was here first and need to be back at work soon,” shouted the docter through the window of her BMW.
    ” well i need to catch the swell at the Gold coast in half an hour so, move it,”shouted the surfer from the window of his ute.”

  29. —Dialogue 1—

    “Ok guys, i’m setting now. Sam’s serving and i’m in position two.” Joel took command of the team.
    “So i’m rotating with you around Jammo?” Zac queried, unsure of the set-up.
    “Yeah, Jammo stays stationary. Just make sure you always keep your eyes on the ball. I’ll run around the back of Jammo and you run around me. Stay on the net, i’ve ALWAYS got the second ball.”
    “Unless you call help, though”
    “You’ve got it.”

    —Dialogue 2—

    “Mate, it’s just a scratch. Chill out. You can get it repaired in no time, as good as new.” the surfer assured the angered doctor.
    “Just a scratch? Just a scratch? What is wrong with people these days? No care for their possessions. And you say that’s just a scratch? It’s a one-foot dent in the door! The OP-1 scoring female doctor bellowed.
    “It was an accident. Don’t get too hyped up about it. I’m on the straight, and you’re supposed to stop and look for cars. In a sense, it was your own fault.”

  30. “Excuse me but clearly I had the car park first but since your uneducated I don’t blame you that you can’t understand,” said the doctor in a calm voice to the angry surfer,
    “Ill run your little peice of ass car over if ya don’t move it” said the surfer. ” hah go try if your so confidient” repleid the doctor still in a relaxed voice. ” Alrighty”

  31. The elderly docter proclaimed to the young surfer boy, ”Excuse me sir i was just about to take that park and you jumped right in front of me”. The young surfer boy replied confidently ”Piss of mate, you shouldna been goin so slow, ya bloody grampa”. The elderly man yelled abundently ”im calling the police”! The surfer boy replied ”chill out dude, theres plenty of parks up the street”.

  32. 1)“You have the money?” whispered voice, seemingly from everywhere.
    “Yes, in the suitcase,” I replied.
    “Good, we thank you for your services to the brotherhood.” My suitcase was whipped from my hand.
    “Wait, where’s my pay?” I cried. Silence was my answer.
    2) “Hey, that was my park!” yelled the doctor.
    “Well to bad lady, I was here first!” replied the surfie dude.
    “If your uncivilized mind hadn’t noticed, the park you’ve taken is reserved for employers only,” rebutted the doctor.
    “Fine, I go and park somewhere else!”

  33. “Can i have some money to buy something for tuckshop” i asked.
    “no you had money yesterday” my mum said with a tad of annoyance.
    “ok, but can i have money tomorow.”
    “maybe i will think about it.”

  34. 1)?”How was you day at school today?” said Dad.
    “It was ok.”, i said.
    “Did anything intresting happen?”
    “No, it was like every other day”
    Then there was silence

    2) “Hey, I was reversing into that park, when you came with your peice of rubbish and scrach the side of my car!” yelled the doctor
    “Its just a scrach, its reparable, so no need to shout!” yelled the surfie dude
    “Hey, atleast i can afford to repair the scrach!”
    ” Yelled the doctor.
    “Just chill, there are plenty of parks up there, now shut up!” said the surfie dude

  35. “Excuse me Mum, can i please go shopping on the weekend?” I exclaimed
    “Where do you want to go shopping?” aswered my mum.
    “I want to go to Indooroopilly please.” i commented
    “Well, ask me closer to the day.” she replied

  36. 1. “Have you packed your bag for school”, yelled Mum
    “Yes”, I mumbled
    “you realy should have gone to bed earlyer last night”, said Mum
    “okay”, I said tirerdly
    “Here is three bucks for the bus and five dollers for tuckshop”.
    “Okay, see you later”.

    2. “What do you want”,said the surfer dude.
    ” I am the person you stole that car park of”, she said sternly
    ” What, that was my car park”, said the surfer dude
    ” No, I was waiting there for half an hour to get that car park, and you stole it.”,Yelled
    the docter.
    ” okay, dude, calm down, i am sorry”.
    “okay, thank you”

  37. 1.”How was school tody?”
    “It was okay”
    “How was swimming?”
    “Easy, nothing realy hard”
    “Your present arrived from New Zealand”
    “Where is it?”
    “It’s on the kitchen bench”
    “What is it?”
    “You can find out”
    “Sweet, a watch”

    2.”Hello sir is that your car outside”
    “Yes that’s my car”
    “Well you hit my car when you opened the car door”
    “So, why should I care”
    “I would like a apology”
    “Well your not getting one”
    “That’s not how you treat a lady”
    “Your not a lady”
    “Then what am I?”
    “Your a old fudge bad”
    “Well I’m shocked”
    “You should be, now get out of here”

  38. Part1
    “Where is your hat?”, asked Gena, as she gestured.
    “Ohhh, you mean a big one?”, Nancy asked.
    “Yes, I lost it last week.” Gena replied.
    “Really? me too.” Nancy muttered.
    “Hey Sir! Your trolley hit my car.” A doctor exclaimed.
    “So what?” Bellowed a surfie guy.
    “I need a compensation.” She whined.
    “Sorry Miss, that’s not my business.” He replied aggressively.

  39. 1.) Pulling into the driveway my Mum exclaimed.
    “ Ok Jack, get your bag out of the boot and set up your things for Robert.”
    With a soft sigh I said.
    “ Ok Mum, oh and also I remembered my maths book.”
    “Good, and make sure you tell him what you have been working on in class.”
    “ Yep, no problem mum.”
    “ Ok, I have to go and pick up the other little kidlets from the pool. Buy.”

    2.) Rolling in the large theatre on the gurney I was introduced to the surgeon.
    “ Ok Jack are you ready?”
    “Good, good. Ok we need you to slowly roll on to the operating table and lay on your side, ok.”
    “Yep, no problem.”
    “Good, ok now we’re just going to give you something to go to sleep.”
    With a large yawn I slowly closed my eyes till I blacked out.

  40. 1) “OMG, Happy Valentines Day Mummy,” I exclaimed, as I ran and gave her a hug. “Thanks darling, Happy Valentines day to you too.” she answered as she put her arms around me.

    2)”Hey dude, what you doing trying to take my park,” grumbled a relaxed surf a dude.”Excuse me! I am a Nero surgeon and I need this park because unlike you I save lives for a living and what do you do? Thats right surfing and probley sending people to me because you’ve hit them with your surfboard.” angrily stated a tense female surgeon.

  41. 1) “Hey Bob!” Fred exclaimed as he was riding his bike down the street.
    “Yo!”, Bob replied, “whatcha doing?”
    “Going to the shops, you?” Fred answered.
    “Same” Bob explained.
    “What are you going to buy?” asked Fred.
    “Nothing” Bob confessed.
    “Wha-, Why-, some times I just dont understand you” Fred explained.

    2) “Exuse me young man, but I was here first” the middle-aged doctor eplained.
    “Duuuude, calm down bro”, the surfer explained, “Everything is going to be alright”.
    “I am neither a ‘duuuude’ nor a bro and please get your…’thing’ out of my parking space!” the doctor exclaimed.
    “Bro, take a chill pi-” SLAP! The doctor slaped the surfy guy across the face.

  42. Part 1)
    “Lara, can you come up to Toowoomba with me this weekend?” asked Emma expectantly.
    “Sorry, I can’t, I’m going jet skiing.” I exclaimed sadly.
    “You suck!” Emma said as she stormed off.

    Part 2)
    Get out of my way!” the woman said angrily.
    “Chill bro.” exclaimed the surfer guy, “I just wanted a ride!”
    “You are despicable!” she screeched as she got into her car.

  43. ——–Dialogue 1——–
    “Is anyone here?” Yelled Mikeala
    “Yeah” I replied
    “Who is that?” Asked Mikeala
    “Its Caitlin. I am in my room. Do you want some chocolate?” I responded
    “Of course i do!!!” Exclaimed Mikeala as she walked through the door.

    ——–Dialogue 2——–
    “Exuse me mate, I had my indicator on for this park before you and you just took it.” He yelled through his car window.
    “I am sorry but i am in a big rush. I have to be back at work in 20 minutes and I need to feed my family tonight.” Explained the busy doctor.
    “Whatevs mate. But a little respect would be nice.” Exclaimed the young man as he drove off.

  44. Dialogue 1~
    “Hey, hey. Lets just calm down, dude.” The relaxed surfie suggested.

    “Relax? Who do you think you are?” Yelled the frustrated doctor, “Unlike you, I have places to be, so move that broken down car of yours out of my car park!”

    “Hey! Never dis the car, lady. I was the one here before you any-” But the surfie was cut out be the screeching wheel and roaring engine of the doctors Mercedes.

    Dialogue 2~
    Dragging my feet along the ground, I slugged my bag over my should. ” I am so tired! I don’t know why, though. The set wasn’t hard at all.”

    ” I know what you mean.” Lauren agreed as she munched on her hot-cross-bun.

  45. *BEEP*
    “Oi, dude that was my parking spot” yelled the sufer guy
    “Well excuse me sir, but I am a docter and I have patients that are dying and need surgery right away, so please move your car and let me in!” screamed the impatient docter
    “I’ve got waves to catch, and they don’t stay there forever, so move your sophisticted, uptight, little car out of my way” the surfer guy shouted.

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