Similes & Metaphors

Type in your similes and metaphors – make sure you clarify which your examples are!



23 responses

    -The sand was as hot as a boiling kettle.
    -He was as bright as the sun.
    -The boxer was beastly.
    -The boy was a gentle giant.

  2. Simile –

    The man danced like there was no tomorrow.

    The front-rower was as buff as a buffalo.

    Metaphor –

    Master Chief was a bullet as he infiltrated the Covenant’s headquarters.

    Facebook is a whirlpool: you are sucked in, and there is no escape out.

  3. Simile- After my first two weeks of school i slept like the dead
    Metaphor- The writer was a woman a woman possessed, working all night and all day until she finneshed her novel.

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