Again, share your examples!


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  1. The crow sat on top of the barn croaked “CAW CAW CAAAAW!”
    As the wind blew through the trees, it made a swishing noise.

  2. a) The crow cawed as it perched on the rooftop.
    a) The crow cawed as it perched on the rooftop.
    b) The wind blew and swished through the forest.
    c) My shoe went ppffffft as it sunk in the mud
    d) My heart went THUMP THUM in the silent
    the twiggy tree branches battered wildly in the waves of wind.
    The dumb dog chased the bouncy ball across the yellow yard
    The raging river flowed ferociously out of the mangled mountains.

  3. SImile: The boy was like a blueberry after holding his breathe for too long.
    Metaphor: The boys heart was the devil
    Onomatopoeia: The agressive Lion roared its lungs out at the intruding snake.
    Personification: The tree screeched in pain from the man trying to cut it down.

  4. The killer machine clanked its way through the rusted door frame, stalking its master.

    Ugh! The soldier breathed for the last time, saw the ground come up and meet him, then fell silent.

  5. The train creaked and hissed to a stop as the train pulled into the station.

    The old horse gowned as it walked along the dusty road.

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