Poems on Hate



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  1. Never
    By Sarah Buckle

    I never turned my back on you
    like you did to me.
    I never tried to hurt you
    like you did to me.
    I never wanted this to happen,
    but it was all your game.
    I never left your side,
    like you left mine.
    Now your coming back for me,
    and now like an untrained puppy, ill turn at your call
    like you did to me.
    I hate the way you talk to me,
    like we were never one,
    and i hate the way you look at me,
    like i am no-one.

  2. Like a thorn in you side,
    Like the sun misses the flower
    Like you don’t want to wake up tomorrow.

    Like a rumour you have no control over,
    Like a disease with no cure
    Like a never ending storm,
    You are all alone.

    You can confide in nobody,
    Like a white hot iron you can’t let go of.
    Like a swarm of wasps, continually stinging.
    Like the scream of hopelessness
    when you feel like dying.

    Like sleeping on a bed of spikes
    Or walking on hot coals.
    Watching everybody whisper,
    Knowing they’re whispering about you.

  3. Hate
    by Arabella Morgan

    Like a bully on the playground
    Like the lightning in a storm
    Like the ragging oceans waves at night
    I wish your hate for me had never been born.

    Like a red hot burning fire
    like an ice colds blizzards rage
    Like many years of torture
    Your hate has made me age.

  4. The feeling that fills my heart
    Like a bomb that just exploded
    I know this could just be the start,
    Of a hatred to last a lifetime.
    But only if I let it.
    It can dwell over me, do anything it wants.
    But only if I let it.
    The decision is mine.
    Hatred is like the shatter of glass.
    Leaving me broken.
    My world is filled with grey clouds,
    and the lightning from a storm.
    But only because I let it,
    Oh how I regret it
    and now,
    I’m unable to escape

  5. By Hannah Fraser

    I hate the way you stole him from me.
    I hate you, I hate you, I HATE you!
    You took him and everythng else away
    and now I’m left in pieces.

    I’m shattered and broken,
    even hate is not a strong enough word.
    You took him straight from my life
    leaving only traces of his life and mere memories.

    Promise me though, God,
    promise me you will take care of him, my baby,
    just like I took care of him.
    I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.

  6. Like the sun in your eyes,
    Like a dark, stormy day,
    Like the feeling of hunger,
    These are the things i hate!

    Like a stinging ant bite,
    Like an itch that can’t be scratched,
    Like the feeling of guilt,
    and that I cannot act.

    Like a hot, red sunburn,
    Like the feeling of abuse,
    When my life is so pathetic,
    What have I got to loose.

    • Hate by Gabby

      Like heat in a raging fire
      Like thunder with a storm
      Like a tuma in the brain
      Your hate is cold, not warm.

      Like murder of an innocence
      Like a dictators harsh power
      Like the shatter of glass
      Your hate leaves me feeling sour.

  7. Like a thousand ant bites on my back,
    Like a wound that never heals…
    Like a knife stabbed through my neck,
    I will hate you more and more.

    Like a fly whizzing around my neck,
    Like a bite that’s always itchy…
    Like a phone call that never answers,
    I hate you more than anything.

    All I want is for you to die,
    It would fill a hole deep in my heart,
    Don’t expect me to ever cry,
    Just DIE DIE DIE!

  8. HATE:
    Like oil on fire,
    like ice on a frostbite,
    Like needles in a wound,
    Hate is like destruction in my sight.

    Like a stake i the heart,
    Like a power so impure,
    Like an itch that can never part,
    Hate only vengence can cure.

    Like ice in a blizzard,
    Like an animal in a cage,
    Like fire in a desert,
    The emptiness of cold rage.

  9. Hate is

    Like a lightining cloud growing in my chest
    Like a fire cracker exploding in my heart
    Like the bitterness on the tongue of lemon zest
    Hate is the sour sensation every hour

    Like thunder in a storm
    Like fire and rain
    Like a sting from a bee
    or a rush of pain,
    keeping me awake even after day


  10. My Hate For You.

    By Etienne Jean

    Like a fruit which is not yet ripe
    Like a cat hissy at midnight
    Like the sting of a bumble bee
    When I see your face it makes me pee

    Like the gloss of a red apple
    Or the bloodstains f a tomato
    Like the face of a losing gamble
    You make me feel evil

    Like the sound of Justin Bieber
    Like the squish of a cat
    Like milk that’s gone sour
    I wish I swept you under a mat

    This poem don’t make sense
    But neither do you.
    I know you don’t understand,
    but that’s only because you chose not to.

  11. HATE
    by Laura

    Like a bully in the playground
    Like an angry swarm of bees
    Like a cold chill down my spine
    Like a gash on my knee.

    Hatred is strong
    Like the smell of ash after a fire
    Like a scream of horror
    Like a unreachable desire

    It causes me to shudder
    Like a mouse when a cat is in sight
    But love is hate’s conqueror;
    It helps me see the light.

  12. Hate poem-Holly
    like the words we throw at each other
    like the lies we fight to discover
    hate is your mother

    like the wars fought all around
    like the people who put you underground
    hatreds the feeling that’s going around

    Beginning in love and ending in hate
    Hatreds the feeling writen
    All over your face
    Like the people
    Change signs on a road
    Like the people
    Who won’t help
    Handle a load
    Hate consumeses us
    Changes who we are
    Hate is your life
    you won’t go far

  13. Tittle: I hate you

    I hate you
    When you shout at me,
    Blame me for my wrongs,
    I hate the way you talk to me
    And make me feel so wrong,
    I hate it
    When we argue from door to store,
    Because I know how much
    You hate me,
    That is why you’re glum,
    Now you are gone,
    I hate you,
    Now because
    I have a reason to,
    You didn’t you tell me
    You were going to be gone.
    Author: Hannah Irlam

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