Our poems


Writing poetry helps us understand the effects that poetic devices can have on an audience.  Think about rhythm, sound (alliteration, assonance, sibilance) and images (similes, metaphors, personification).  Put one in each line.


17 responses

  1. Running, running, trying to escape,
    But really, lying still,
    The silence closing in on me,
    I slowly, fall asleep,
    Feeling the crying of my limbs,
    As they too fell asleep

    Don’t’ look into the light
    They told me,
    Moving down the tunnel
    He’s waiting at the end for you
    God or the devil
    Have you been naughty or nice?

    I remember the tears,
    as life drifted away.
    Now a pulseless corpse
    I will remember,
    As I sleep forever.

  2. Plates in the sand Benedict Yeang

    Plates buried in the sand
    sweepers, two and four legged, search the road
    The man lies in the sand, waiting, watching
    Plates buried in the red sand, waiting, waiting

    Men stand on plates, buried in the sand
    The man watches, the plates wait, their wait over
    Thunder tears sky and ears alike
    Plates spark alive with light and pain
    Fire and peace, thunder and silence
    The man runs, his wait over

    The plates are gone, the men and dogs are gone, the man is gone
    Only the red sand remains among the remains
    The blood red sand

    5 weeks away from home
    I thought I was going to be alone,
    Not knowing anyone,
    This won’t be any fun.

    Abseiling, Tree climbing and horse riding too,
    Cold showers and only three loos.
    Week 1 was all action cooking up buns
    And don’t forget the morning runs.

    Cronins and survival was next,
    Scoring only -57.5 points and drinking detergent,
    our group was definitely hexed.

    HIKE! Where do we begin,
    Lost our mac and cheese din dins!
    Got back to base and realised,
    WOW! We made it out alive!

    One week to go,
    Jacobs Ladder, Flying Fox and ARGHH SOLO!
    Don’t forget girl’s night,
    One of the highlights,
    Getting all dressed up,
    Any guys? NUP!

    Spit Night, our last time all together,
    Despite the really cold weather,
    Memories flooded our minds,
    Going home, we learnt how to shine.

  4. The New-bie.

    On that day, I had never been that nervous,
    I thought my new life wold be laborious
    What would it be like, would I fit in?
    All my questions were answered after my first night in.

    I met all the people and learnt my way around
    Got use to the routine and lifted my frown
    I decided I loved it; it was the best experience ever
    Life in Boarding I will remember forever.

    There is Ngaire, Alex Mikaela and more
    We all get along like sisters, sometimes it’s like war
    The place can be hectic but it’s like a second home
    A place I feel welcomed and not all alone.

  5. Colours in the sky
    Colours is the sky where do you hide
    I am looking, wondering where you may be
    You are untouchable, unreachable for me
    But why are you so high? Colours in the sky?
    When the rain cries I hear your call
    That when I know I will be able to see you my long lost friend
    But till then we cannot talk
    Red, green, yellow, blue I want to see you
    Purple, orange and pink I want to hear you think
    Remember the good times we have had splashing in puddles and making cakes out of dirt
    O how much stomach did hurt
    I will be waiting for you my friend
    O wait! I hear you again
    I ran outside and but you are waving goodbye
    Waving back I tell myself now I know where you hide colours in the sky

  6. Trapped – by Gabby

    Boom boom the bang of the drum
    Banging and bonging all day long.
    Click clack rat-a-tat-tat
    Locks enclosing me like a pet rat.

    Mum on the phone, crying in pain
    “My daughter is innocent, this is insane!”
    I fall to the floor in my cold, cold cell
    But decide to break free from my silent spell.

    Swinging, swaying, slashing about
    The cells are metal, I can’t break out.
    I’m trapped for years inside this cell
    All I want is to break free from this hell.

  7. Solo
    Here I am getting colder and colder,
    The hours passing make me feel older,
    The rustling in the bushes is everywhere,
    This task is just simply unfair,
    As I think back over the last week,
    All I want to do is shriek,
    The animals around me make me scared,
    Thank goodness I came so well prepared,
    As I get down under my fly,
    I stare up at the night sky.

  8. Evil:
    Evil, an envelope of darkness,
    Suffocating, suffering, silence, sadness.

    No freedom, no rationality,
    Only thoughts of immortality.

    Evil like a cry of desperation and loss,
    Determined to achieve at any cost.

    Pain, shame; Taint the land,
    No refuge even in the sand.

    Selfishness and destruction
    Cold hearted obstruction.

    Sinful charm, the cause of harm,
    No choice, no hope in the evil realm.

  9. Love

    Love is something special,
    something kind, caring and gentle.
    A gift that should always be treasured,
    Within, nothing is measured.
    Anything can be forgiven,
    And nothing should ever be hidden.
    It will help you find you way when your lost,
    No matter what the cost.
    it is full of consideration and respect,
    and is not something you should neglect.

  10. Surrounded by people,
    Who I do not know
    An overwhelmed feeling,
    Where do I go?

    I arrived at eight ten
    At mso2
    My new form class
    What do I do?

    I chose locker number twelve
    And went to period one
    I was let into my classroom
    Where my St Peters journey begun

    The teachers were nice
    And made new friends fast
    I got to know my way around
    Oh I do hope my love for St Peters lasts.

  11. Sophia Pritchard, Miwako Toyoda

    Defining Love

    Love is in everyone, Love is all,
    Whether you are short or tall,
    Love is strangers, family and friends,
    How you express it always depends,
    Gifts and patience,
    Quality time,
    The gift of love will blow your mind

    Love is always sacrifice,
    Even if your friend has lice,
    Love is cunning, love is nice,
    Sometimes bad but mostly nice,
    Whether you are overseas,
    Underground or up in trees,
    Love will always find a way,
    To make you say “HAPPY DAYS!”

    Love is warm like a mothers hug,
    Always safe, always snug,
    And when it’s your time to leave,
    The love from others will never leave

  12. Young Love

    Its here i stand,
    With my heart in my hand.
    No-where to turn,
    and nothing to learn.

    Its all i can take not to cry,
    Because tonight he will surely die.
    Without me by his side,
    All because i changed my mind.

    He was my first love,
    Perfect like an innocent dove.
    But i turned my back,
    and now our worlds are black.

    I will see him no more,
    and im left with a sore.
    A pit of darkness in my heart,
    Like its been punctured by a dart.


    My Sister
    As I blindly raced down the hall of foliage away from the gathering
    I refused to give way to the tears forming in my eyes.
    The back of my dusky coat flailed pathetically behind me
    Just like how her existence is in the past, but her memory is always lingering.

    I halted, swayed and fell,
    Weeping in sorrow for my sister in a heap on the ground.
    I am incomplete without her like a tree without its leaves,
    My sister, my best friend, my matching other half.

    In moments she was taken from me
    By a ruthless, devious killing machine.
    He tricked her, mislead her and slayed her,
    But I swear on her grave as I look out on this pristine lake

    I will bring her justice

  13. Mortal Engines
    Read the words,
    Write the words,
    That is the word
    of Mrs. Smith
    Hours toiling,
    Hours foiling,
    Reading the book,
    Avoiding the look.
    Hours upon hours,
    No break no rest,
    Not free to run,
    Not free to nest.
    “Your topic sentence,
    Must contain, key words,
    From the thesis,
    Settings, and change.”
    The free did die,
    Some time ago,
    When Mrs. Smith,
    Gave word to go!

  14. The story of Bushranger McClaw

    He robbed four banks,
    No more, no less,
    But did you know what he did best?
    He stole a horse, a cow and more,
    What happened to that poor McClaw?

    He got arrested,
    And went to court,
    Got declared to be shot,
    That poor, poor McClaw,
    Escaped and ran till he could no more.

    He made a hideaway,
    In a tree,
    But he missed his family,
    Got mad and stole from me,
    That poor, poor, poor McClaw.

    (My inspiration was the poster of Ned Kelly at the back of our English class)


    Night cat
    black dark fur,
    like the midnight sky.
    Paw to paw,
    at a confident pace,
    Bright mysterious eyes,
    that see right into your very sole.
    It’s the cat that makes
    the mice scram.
    She may look small,
    but she is a tiger,
    in her heart.

    Author: Hannah irlam

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