Poetry Is…



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  1. To me poetry means, love letters , rytms that help you remember things, nursery rythms and lullabies. I don’t like love poems I don’t really see the point in them, but I do like poems which have meaning or have a simple riddle behind it.

  2. Poetry is a wonderful form of writing. It describes things with very little words yet it says so much. To me, poetry is powerful, wonderful and beautiful when written correctly

  3. Poetry is…

    Rhythm, and sometimes rhyme, as well as other poetic devices coming together to form a written passage based on a specific topic. It is a creative way of expressing a feeling or idea. Poetry often arouses feelings within the reader, depending on how well it is written.

  4. Poetry is a rhythmic, sometimes rhyming, song without music. It can be about anything and includes many different Poetic Devices. There are two categories of poetic devices used. The first is ‘for the ears’, these are assonance, alliteration and onomatopoeia. The second category is ‘for the eyes’ and relate to the mental image that words create; examples are similies and metaphors. Poetry to me can be fun and exciting if it is made with an energetic rhythm or results in great mental images.

  5. Poetry is a form of expressing something that you believe in. I don’t enjoy writing poetry but I do enjoy reading it. I find reading somebody’s opinion in a poem is much more enjoyable to read because of its rhythm. Poetry flows and is easy to remember then other types of writing. – Arabella

    Poetry is perfect for expressing emotion but I find it extremely boring. I have had nothing to do with poetry (except for last year) and that is why I don’t love it like other people. I believe that people who write poetry are intelligent, William Shakespeare, but I’m certainly not going to become a poet! I love comical poems for the reason that they are funny but apart from them I become outrageously bored. Therefore I don’t care much for poetry. – Nikki

  6. Poetry is a short song or story spoken to a rhythm. It usually uses rhymes and many poetic devices for both the ears and eyes. This includes alliteration, assonance, Onomatopoeia, repetition, similes, and metaphors. Poetry is important for people because it often displays morals, lessons and helps kids learn things like how many days in a month.

  7. Poetry is a type of wrting which helps the reader remember it by using various devices and rhyths. Poetry has survived for hundreds of years and had not always been passed down as writing, it was originally passed down orally. I believe poetry is very difficult to compose however if it is well written the end resut is usually satisfying.

  8. Poetry is a number of words that poetry a story or song which usually incorporates rhyme and rhythm. Poetry also uses poetic devices including alliteration, assonance and repetition, these are for your ears and similes, metaphors and onomatopoeia are used for your eyes. Poetry is all around us, it is in advertisements, stories, moral lessons and songs.

  9. Poetry is memorable, some poems meanings are deep and I can relate to me of them. My favourite poems are the fun catchy ones which have great use of rhythm, rhyme and all the poetic devices for the ears. These poems are nursery rhymes which are easy to remember. But I find poems extremely boring if they have no beat to them. I can still remember the nursery rhymes taught to me when I was young. My favourite types of poem are lyrical ones because they have the best beat to them.

  10. Hannah: I believe that poetry is an important part of daily life. It can help young people to learn the general rules in life and saftey regulations. Poetry can be in plays, songs, entertainment, a hobby or a career. You can express many different emotions and ideas and arouse a variety of feelings in the reader depending on the stle, rhythm and theme. I enjoy reading and writing romantic and depressing poems – sometimes both together.

    Sarah: I believe that poetry is an important of many lives and cultural traditons, but to me, poetry doesnt have a huge signifcance to me. I enjoy lyrical poems, but others seem bland and dull. That being said, i do enjoy listening to beautifully written works which i can relate to, depending on my mood. Poetry is a good way to relax and it can be soothing in hard situations.

    • Hannah: I have also had a lot of experience with poetry since i was young. I enjoy performing poetry, as i have had drama classes previously.

  11. Poetry comes in different forms. Some forms I like such as lyrical poems and sonnets. I enjoy reading poems that have strong poetic devices like similes and metaphors. I like being able to picture the scenes in my head as I read the poem. I also like rhyming because it gives the poem a magical feel. For me, poetry can be sooting or enraging, happy or sad, loving or hating. Poems are a great source of inspiration for a whole range of things:
    hard training sessions
    song writing
    story writing

  12. Poetry is used in many places. Poetry is a way for people to convey meaning to each other through a passage of words. Poetry can be used for advertising, personal messages, and songwriting, to name but a few.
    Benedict Yeang

  13. Sophia-
    I love poetry in songs. I don’t mind written poetry if it is fairly modern. To me, poetry is just something you can analyse and mean something.

    I believe poetry is a beautiful, inspiring genre. It can also be funny and entertaining. The poetic devices such as Onomatepoeia also make t interesting and unique from other genres. Poems also allow people to express their thoughts and opinions. Poetry to me is very entertaining to read/hear and also soothing when I read beautiful and romantic poems.

  14. Poetry is the use of words and poetic devicesvto describe something. For example, a holiday, an emotion or a location. Poetry can be about whatever you want it to be about, and can be a good way to express your feelings. I enjoy reading poems that make sense and givevyou a clear understanding of what the peom is about.

  15. Poetry is a text written in a way so that it is not challenging to memorise and is interesting to read. This is achieved by the composer using various poetic devices such as: alliteration, assonance, consonance, onomatopoeia, similes and metaphors. I believe poetry is difficult but enjoyable to write.

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